As Serious Crimes Spike, London’s Mayor Vows To Fight … Fast Food?

Written by K. Walker on May 11, 2018

Way to pick a winner, London. Now that you’ve got more violent crime than NY, and THIS is your priority?

Maybe he thought Bloomberg’s failed ban on big soft drinks was inspirational.

Or Michelle’s lunch program.

The mayor of a city that’s a world leader in ‘acid attacks’, which is banning not just guns, but knives, too, the city second only to Beijing in how many cameras are monitoring its population has a bold new plan.

Go after the advertising for fast food.

The real problem, he thinks, is that people in the UK are too fat.


Here’s a question — in a country where sex trafficking gangs hid behind the relative safety of the liberal white guilt of legislators and law enforcement abusing young girls with impunity…

In a city where teenage gangs are becoming aggressively violent, mugging and assaulting victims in broad daylight… you really think that fast food advertising is the problem???

Maybe, if people actually believed it was SAFE to go outside, they would do so.

Maybe if their mayor didn’t dismiss terror attacks as part of living in a big city, they would think it was safe.

Maybe there are more important things for a mayor to do than to micromanage how other people live their lives.

Then again, maybe he knows what a nutless wonder he is, and he’s just trying to keep up the illusion that he’s doing something — anything — for the general public welfare.

Does he not realize that do-nothing prissies like him set the stage for some other leader to come in like a wrecking ball and double down on the problems he’s been unwilling to face?

You could ask Barack Obama about that.

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