Capitalism: Yet Another Scapegoat for ‘Why Hillary Didn’t Win’

Published on May 4, 2018

What she said about Democrats and Socialism should be in every 2018 Republican campaign ad.

This from the woman who infamously ranted ‘having said all that, why aren’t I fifty points ahead, you might ask?”

Every time she opens her mouth, Democrats must wonder what ELSE Hillary could do to hurt them.

Once again, she did not disappoint. In looking for scapegoats, she said something about the Democrats that her team did NOT want the national conversation to center around.

In the words of her own husband’s campaign, “the economy, stupid”.

Her latest explanation? Being ‘capitalist’ in a party with such a heavy tilt toward socialism somehow hurt her.

Sorry to break it to you Hillary — leveraging public office, and political horse-trading to become a  fat cat is not ‘capitalism’. If it were, Hugo Chavez’ daughter would be one worlds’ most successful capitalists.

But in trying to find scapegoats, did you catch what she said about Democrats?

“41% of Democrats are Socialists”

That line needs to go on billboards for the next election. Right next to the Trump economy numbers.

(Friends don’t let friends vote socialist.)

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