Politicians Putting The Squeeze On Pro-2A People and Businesses

Written by Rob Morse on May 4, 2018

Politicians will take a mile of freedom once we gave them an inch of authority. It happens far too often to call it an accident. These infringements go beyond business regulations. They go far beyond “concerns for public safety”. This is cultural harassment for political gain. Politicians represent the small minority of the population that funded them into office. Politicians want to drive out any culture that threatens the voting blocks that keep them in office. For these politicians, it is only the business of money and votes, but for you, it feels personal. Here are a few of the recent examples.

Two students in New Jersey and another student in Illinois were suspended after pictures emerged of them at the shooting range with their families. Police also detained another student in Florida after his dad took him to the range, though the Florida student was not suspended from school. Note what happened and what didn’t happen. The adults and teenagers were not flashing gang signs with a gun in their hands. These students and their families used the firearms safely. They didn’t issue any threats in any of these events, though they have since threatened lawsuits. Authorities held that mere contact with a legally owned firearm was enough evidence to interview and/or remove the student from government run schools.

Of course we want legitimate threats of violence investigated. Instead, the anti-rights politicians use the excuse of public safety to harass law abiding firearms owners and their children. Having seen your neighbor’s children expelled from school, would you let your child go to a shooting range? There will be fewer gun owners, and the citizens who keep their guns are more likely to leave New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida. That is just what the politicians and their donors wanted. It is only politics. Billionaires donated millions to disarm you…and it worked.

You might remember that Colorado judges ruled that Christian bakers must serve a gay couples… even if the gay couple drives hours out of their way to target that baker because of his beliefs. Meanwhile, a New York judge ruled that bars can refuse service to Trump Supporters. Some rights of free expression and association are more equal than others…particularly when it comes to making political donations. More conservative Christians will restrict their expression of faith. More conservatives will leave Colorado and New York…just like the politicians and their donors wanted.

Speaking of New York, a Democrat legislator in New York proposed another restriction on public schools. Schools that accept public funding cannot have any “range weapons” on their campus or off campus. Such a school couldn’t have an archery team even if the team met at a local sports center. The prohibition would include rifle, archery, airgun and shotgun teams in NY state. It isn’t clear if 4H chapter and scout troops would be precluded from gun safety activities if the groups held some of their meetings at a school that receives some public funding.

Fewer students will grow up learning about guns and gun safety. Those families who want shooting opportunities for their children are more likely to leave New York…just as the politician wanted. The Javelin event is still allowed in track and field…so far.

New York regulators took another swipe at the firearms industry. New York bureaucrats have wide powers to regulate the financial and insurance industries. Democrat Governor Cuomo said that any firms that do business with the firearms industry will come under increased scrutiny. That is right, a New York bureaucrat can use government harassment to control legal activities between private citizens. That sort of political corruption is now the status quo in New York…and in other states like California and New Jersey.

Sadly, it works. Would you risk your company’s future by providing credit card processing to a sporting goods store?

In theory, government exists to protect the rights of the citizen. In theory, government will protect those individual rights in ways that private individuals cannot. In practice, government exists to reward special interests. Those special interests reward politicians in turn.

What should we do? I want us to become more politically active. I want us to throw these politicians out of office…and more. Some businessmen refuse to do business with abusive governments. For example, Hornady ammunition won’t sell their products to government agencies in New York. That is a very good reason for us to buy products from Hornady. The smartphone application 2ndVote shows which companies work against your freedom. I use that application when I shop. I even changed banks once I found out how one large bank made political donations. Support those who support you.

Also, please add your own list of infringements in the comment section and I’ll update the list.

Image: Excerpted from: https://pixabay.com/en/gun-range-shooters-male-target-252784/