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A ‘Christian’ Pastor Slams Sarah Huckabee Sanders – So We Put Him On Full Blast

With ‘friends’ like these, what need do Christians have of any enemies?

The political world was abuzz with reaction after Michelle Wolf’s crass and insulting ‘comedy’ routine as keynote speaker.

Is America headed for a recession?

This wasn’t exactly new territory for any writers for late night. (After Googling her name, we learned she writes over at Comedy Central for Trevor Noah. Which explains a lot.) She was exactly the blunt instrument the #resist crowd wanted to throw at Trump. But it wound up making them look bad.

Even career journalists from mainline outlets said as much. Politico contributor Tim Alberta said it this way:

The CEO from The Hill printed the letter they wrote withdrawing from any future involvement. In light of all this negative reaction, what’s a ‘Progressive Pastor to do?’

With the same religious fervor of any other Progressive, he lashed out at Sarah and Trump.

It was a longwinded tirade, we won’t bore you with the whole thing, but here are some excerpts, from his blog which is (ironically) titled ‘stuff that needs to be said’.

He lead off with how sick everyone is of talking about the Monologue. But this is about something different… Jesus. He professes his belief in Jesus and gives a halfassed reference to Sarah claiming to be a Christian, too. Then he starts ripping into her.

Paraphrasing, his words except when in quotes:

“How does she do it”

…supposed faith, but speaks for this morally malignant President?
… “lie for a living on behalf of a serial predator”?
… “you are the most visible and vocal surrogate for a man who is by nearly every measurement—fully devoid of Christlikeness?”
[He makes a token nod to universal human fallability then goes on to say]

But this isn’t that.
This is about actively working for the opposition.
This is about purposeful betrayal of your namesake.
This is about conspiring with the enemy.

I watch you every week as you repeatedly distort the truth,
as you attack journalists who come carrying facts.
as you vilify politicians who oppose your employer’s malfeasance,
as you categorically defend his every vile statement, every personal attack, every nonsensical Tweet, every baseless firing, every legislative assault.

[Talks about her ‘tells’ and her life being a ‘lie within a lie within a lie’, and speculates about her conscience and inner dialogue.]

Or maybe your Jesus and my Jesus are just that different.

Maybe your Jesus is good with deporting immigrants.
Maybe your Jesus celebrates the poor staying poor.
Maybe your Jesus is fine with affairs with porn stars.
Maybe your Jesus is totally cool with supremacist Cabinet members.
Maybe your Jesus amens the banning and the wall-building.
Maybe your Jesus sanctions the fear of brown people.
Maybe your Jesus is pleased with sick people going broke trying to not die.
Maybe your Jesus applauds the racism and the bitterness and the cruelty.
Maybe your Jesus somehow blesses the lies you broker in on behalf of the monster you work for.

If that is your Jesus, Sarah—then know you are evangelizing brilliantly right now.
You are spreading the Gospel of that Jesus exponentially.
You are a powerful preacher of that Jesus to the watching world.

But for my money, that Jesus is the reason so many people want nothing to do with Christianity anymore.
It’s why the Church is hemorrhaging.
It’s why the pews are emptying.
It’s why people run from Christians.

He goes on to berate her some more until he ‘really sticks it to her’.

He speculates about how she feels victimized in those jokes. And how she might feel like a victim, before concluding:

Given the countless hours you’ve spent lying to the world and claiming Jesus while you’ve done it—I think you got off easy.

Huh, no mention of the abortion joke? You’re just here to dump on Sarah?

We’ve heard that speech before, or something like it. Where was that? Oh yes. In Jesus own words.

The Pharisee, standing by himself, prayed thus: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector. — Luke 18:11

He was telling a story about two men, one of them a religious leader, one of them a crook. The story didn’t end well for the religious guy.

For someone who called himself a ‘Christian’ and a PASTOR, no less do you know what was missing from his letter? Grace. Respect. Nothing about his letter pointed to or invited redemption.

Let’s compare him to the woman he’s excoriating.

Observations in a post from an attendee:

“I don’t know how she does it,” one of her closest confidants told me, “She kills them with kindness – she puts up with it. Good-hearted American people see that – and then she wins.”
Members of the White House press corp tell me they were sending Members of the White House press corp tell me they were sending Sarah a flower basket today – they felt so bad.
Then, Sarah Sanders walks into the party. The MSNBC party. A network that lives to savage and promote the godless vitriol that just attacked her. Guess what? Sarah Sanders was smiling. She owned it. I asked her about the attack and she shrugged with a smile and just said the attacks didn’t bother her and that she’s praying for the comedian.
That is the kind of woman she is.
Flying into a city to cheap-shot a working mother to her face in front of a room of one thousand journalists because you disagree with her politically is not brave. It’s the definition of a coward and a bully. Putting up with it and forgiving that person afterward?
That is real power.
That is strength.
That is class.
That is Sarah Sanders.

That pastor should spend time studing more scriputre, and fewer Pelosi Talking points.

He should think twice about that moralizing. As a party, Democrats go 10-for-10 in the Ten Commandments. Good news, it would be, except they went ten-for-ten AGAINST. (Here’s the breakdown.)

And as for ‘evangelizing’? The message of Progressives has a long history of cratering church attendence. Compare that against this news headline: Literal interpretation of Bible ‘helps increase church attendance’

As for being judge-y? Remember that those who preach are held to a higher account than everyone else. So you’d best be sure to have taken that log (or log cabin) out of your own eye before you start flinging accusations.

It’s in the Bible. Something Jesus said. If he opens it some day, he’s sure to come across it.

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