Clash Poll: Romney Says Trump Isn’t A Good Role Model For His Grandkids – Is Mitt A Wuss, Or What?

Written by K. Walker on May 30, 2018

Who, exactly, would he hold up as a good role model?

The world is full of different personalities. You don’t have to look any further than the last four Republican Presidential Candidates to know that.

Dubya was a ‘nice guy’ who looked for ways to build consensus, even when the Democrats and their media lapdogs beat him like a pinata, and called him a ‘War Criminal’, with plenty of gratuitous Hitler references thrown in to boot. But when he retired from politics, he refused to endorse the Republican candidate.

McCain? Sure he was a hero back in the 70’s. But his record as a ‘Republican’ since then is checkered at best. Even in what may prove to be his final days, he’s inventing opportunities to ‘stick it’ to Trump. And his most famous political act — the dramatic and decisive ‘thumbs down’ was exactly the OPPOSITE of what he promised the voters he’d run on.

Romney? He bent over backward to be the ‘choir boy’. To play fair and be nice. To not hammer Obama in the debate. Oh — and he also built the Obamacare prototype. Oops.

What did we get for Romney’s nice-ness? Four more years of a President who weaponized the government for his personal and party gain, to the great detriment of the Constitution and the rights of ordinary American citizens.

Romney even threw Trump under the bus in 2016… which means if they had their way, all three would have seen “Not-Trump” win. Which is no different from casting a vote for Hillary.

Do any of them truly believe Hillary is the better moral authority than Trump? Because that’s who they were effectively supporting once it was down to two candidates.

Trump on the other hand was brash. A fighter. Not very ‘polished’ and even over-the-top sometimes.

And guess what? It got him elected against all odds.


‘I don’t think that I would point to the president as a role model for my grandkids on the basis of his personal style. He has departed in some cases from the truth, and has attacked in a way that I think is not entirely appropriate,’ the Utah Senate candidate told NBC News. ‘I think that his policies have been by and large a good deal better than I might have expected. But some of the things he has said are not ones that I would aspire for my grandkids to adopt.’
Source: DailyMail

What he is saying is that he disapproves of how aggressive and hyperbolic Trump can be when squaring off with someone.

Has he not considered that his own LACK of that same fighting spirit was instrumental in the second four-year term under Obama? Or that Trump wouldn’t have even SOUGHT election if Romney had won in 2012?

But Trump’s ‘inappropriate’ style got North Korea to the table. Is that also morally problematic?

Does he have a problem with the Apostle Paul popping off on the folks in Galatia, saying that if circumcision makes you holy, they should try getting REALLY holy by lopping the whole thing off!

That almost sounds like a Trump tweet, doesn’t it?

‘I know the media doesn’t always get it right. Alright? But I also know that when they get it wrong they indicate they made a mistake and they apologize for it.
Source: DailyMail

Oh, really Mitt? Did they ever apologize for that binder full of women lie? No?

What about the endless droning that Trump is a Nazi, or committed treason — despite any supporting evidence — or that he’s authoritarian — despite returning Congressional powers to their rightful places, instead of relying on improper executive orders.

Have all these been apologized for, too?

As for the actual governing, Romney’s assessment of Trump was off by about 180 degrees, too.

Romney did praise the president as having ‘exceeded my expectations with regard to tax policy, regulatory policy, public land policy.’
‘But if the President were to say something that I consider highly divisive or racist or misogynistic, I’ll call him out on it. Because I think its important for people to know exactly where one stands,’ he told NBC.
Source: DailyMail

Maybe he never got the memo. Everyone is ‘misogynistic’ and ‘racist’ and ‘divisive’. That title comes with the (R) after our name.

For what it’s worth, Jesus Christ could literally walk the planet and people would hate him for being ‘intolerant’.

We would do well to remember Jesus’ parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector praying.

It’s very easy to catalog another man’s sins and decide where he fits on a moral scale (and have you noticed the ‘other guy’ always comes up inferior).

We all tend to judge the failings of others more harshly than we judge our own.

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