Clash Quiz: How Many EU Residents Are 1st or 2nd Generation ‘Migrants’ – 1M? 20M? Or 90M?

Written by K. Walker on May 22, 2018

If you like your Western Civilization and Civil Liberties you can keep your… Oh, wait. Nevermind.

If you were wondering why Trump is so passionate in his opposition to Chain migration, look no further than the mess Europe is in now.

Ideas have consequences. Period. And one of the things that has always — always driven big historical changes was the mass migration of people from one place to a new place.

It cannot help but introduce new ideas, values and customs to those new places. And if the group of new arrivals is of a large enough critical mass that it need not assimilate, then conflict between the original group and the new one is inevitable.

Throw a warlike culture with an eschatological belief that God has ordained your culture to dominate and (literally!) enslave all other cultures into the mix and you have a recipe for a colossal disaster.

Guess what? This won’t be a hypothetical question for long.

The European Court of Auditors has estimated that 18 per cent of legal residents in the European Union — over 90 million people — are first- or second-generation migrants.
The Court estimated that around 4 per cent of the population — 21 million people — were first-generation legal migrants from outside the EU, with the jump to 18 per cent when second-generation migrants are taken into consideration, highlighting how mass migration continues to transform receiving nations beyond the initial influx.

It issued its extraordinary estimates in a briefing paper on “integration”, which conceded the bloc faces the significant “challenges” integrating the many newcomers, and highlighted the alarming increase in the number of migrants arriving via the asylum route claiming to be refugees.
It should be noted that the briefing paper does not appear to consider the migrant-descended population beyond the second generation, which is considerable in countries such as Britain, France, and Germany, which have been bringing in large numbers of migrants from North Africa, South Asia, and Asia Minor for decades.

The briefing paper explicitly does not consider the migrant population which is resident in the European Union illegally, which is also considerable — with the illegal migrant population of Britain alone estimated at over a million by David Wood, former Director-General of Immigration Enforcement.
Source: Breitbart

Throw in the dramatically different birth rate between both cultures, and you have major conflict brewing.

Either Western cultures will ‘take a knee’ and allow themselves to be swallowed up, (much to the ironic delight of those who love to call Europe evil ‘colonizers’), or there will be a significant conflict.

What will the international relationships with their neighbors look like after the dust settles? What will it mean for the global economy when the EU accounts for between 15% and 20% percent of the global economy? Would they live at peace with their neighbors, or become emboldened?

What about the values of Europe itself? Will it look like Europe? Iran? Somewhere in between? Not just clothing, but the legal system, rights of the accused, etcetera.

In Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation, a Christian elected official was convicted of blasphemy for saying that it was permissible for a Muslim to vote for him.

The blasphemy charge related to Ahok’s reference to a passage of the Qur’an during his re-election campaign in September, which hardline Islamist groups said amounted to insulting the holy book.

He insinuated that his opponents had used a Qur’anic verse to trick people into voting against him. An edited version of the speech went viral, sparking outrage. Ahok, a Christian with ethnic Chinese roots, is a “double minority” in Indonesia.

A series of protests against him drew hundreds of thousands on to the streets of the capital late last year. On Tuesday, hundreds of members of hardline Islamist groups gathered outside the south Jakarta courtroom amid a heavy security presence, with many calling for Ahok to receive the maximum penalty.
Source: The Guardian

You can read more about that case, and widely-believed that view might be here.

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