College’s Required Sex Ed Training Teaches Women Can Revoke Consent — The Next Day

Published on May 3, 2018

Hey guys, if you’ve both been drinking, don’t take her back to your place. Because the rules are different for you and her.

Now you can add ‘prison record’ to pregnancy and disease as risks you take in the hookup culture. Waking up in bed with a stranger could lead to criminal charges. Well, for the guy, anyway.

That’s because Feminism is awfully selective in which parts of the law they want to women to be equal under.

One female student didn’t take her school’s mandatory (and sketchy) sexual training course and was threatened with ‘academic probation’.

Here’s what she had to say about that.

Sydney Jacobs, a former student at American University, told Red Alert Politics she was threatened with academic probation when she did not complete the online training during the Spring semester of 2017.

“As a reminder, any undergraduate student that does not meet this requirement will be referred to Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services and be assigned an educational sanction,” an email sent from the AU Wellness Center to Jacobs read in part.

Upon completing the training, Jacobs found that the mandatory course treated the sexual assault prevention training like a video game.

“Your status: N00B” the training tells students when they fail the course. “You don’t seem to know much about consent at this point. This means that you should probably avoid sexual activity until you learn more. Unfortunately, you didn’t collect enough points to earn the Consent Star Badge.”
Source: Washington Examiner

Why did she get ‘NooB status’? (N00b is video gamer slang for newbie, meaning rookie.)

She got the following question ‘wrong’:

“Alex and Jen played beer pong together and she even made out with him,” the module prompts. “How then could Alex have assaulted her?” one hypothetical asks.

The material teaches that women can change their mind about consent the day after an encounter, effectively leaving women with the ability to re-write history and accuse sexual partners of inappropriate behavior despite receiving consent.
Source: Washington Examiner

Both parties drunk, if they bump uglies, and the woman regrets it the next day, the guy is ‘totally screwed’, and not in a way he might appreciate.

The young lady didn’t agree that the man carried responsibility but the woman did not. She must believe in equality between the sexes.

What happens if you answer wrong? You get an answer like this:

Don’t have sex, it says. Not for reasons relating to health or morality.

No, no, no. Don’t do it because you can’t parrot a sex-ed program that even the administrators admitted was ‘flawed’.


CampusClarity owner EverFi admitted to The College Fix in 2014 that some of the statistics in its sexual consent training were questionable.

It relied on a survey that that included attempted and completed “forced kissing” as sexual assault and identified every admission of drunk sex as rape, even though consent is only negated by incapacitation, a much higher threshold. (In a due-process lawsuit against Ohio State University, recently validated by a federal judge, the university’s own pharmacology professor said even a “blackout” state doesn’t in and of itself negate consent.)
Source: College fix

“I also thought it was extremely invasive that they asked how many people I’ve had sex with,” Jacobs added. “Ultimately my problem with the whole thing is it’s creating a culture on campus that it’s okay to re-write history and rescind your consent when you’re not happy with the outcome. People are scared to hook up without facing repercussions that aren’t warranted.”

The program also exists at public universities like the University of Florida and Kansas State University . Other schools, like Clemson University, have canned similar programs after coming under fire for asking their students invasive questions about their sex lives.
Source: Washington Examiner

Maybe the pendulum is swinging back the other way where risk overshadows reward so far as random ‘hookups’ with drunks or strangers goes.

‘Keep it in your pants’ isn’t just moral counsel anymore. Suddenly, it’s sound legal advice.

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