Culture Wars: Every Serious Christian Parent Needs To Listen To This Podcast

Written by Doug Giles on May 10, 2018

Rich and Doug deal with the current onslaught of over-the-top wickedness that’s foisted on families of faith in this bare-knuckle podcast. Their remedies might surprise you. Buckle up.

Tired of ‘self-help’ books that tell you to hide in the Christian ghetto? Want a book to challenge Christians whose balls have dropped? This book’s for you!

No, this isn’t your usual pablum chewing, skinny-jeans youth pastor repeating what he learned from late-night Christain TV.

This is rock-solid, road-tested real-life Biblical principles that will — if applied — make you a serious threat to Satan’s Crumbling kingdom.

That’s right. This isn’t your usual ‘loves you and has a wonderful plan for you to be fat, happy and completely inconsequential to culture and the kingdom of darkness’ kind of book.

There are too many books like that already.

This is more like those kids in the Book of Daniel whose every pore dripped with excellence to such a degree that their pagan captors couldn’t help but sit up and take notice.

The kind of life that is so disciplined and ‘together’ that unbelievers will want to ask ‘what’s your secret’?

The kind of life that doesn’t leave your unbelieving friends embarrassed to admit they know you.

Tired of the saccharine Precious Moments Thomas Kinkaide Christian ghetto?

Are you tired of Satan trampling your neighborhood, city, and nation? Good.

So are we. It’s time for the Church to ‘man up’.

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Everyone does that.

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If you don’t think so, add some more meat to your diet and read this while you wait for your steak to grill:

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