Dear Evangelicals: Just Because Times Are Bad, It Doesn’t Mean ‘The End’ Has Come

Written by Doug Giles on May 4, 2018

Who are you going to believe, the alarmists on Christian TV, or the Bible and History? It can’t be both.

Hey Skippy, put down that ‘end is nigh’ sign and start making a difference in the world you’ve inherited.

Oh, you read a headline and figured times are tough for believers did you? That the culture is as bad as it’s ever been?


Looking around at what they’re claiming is a ‘Post-Christian’ culture, it’s actually looking quite a lot like ancient Rome or Greece. Except without the ‘eaten by lions’ part.

If Christians want to stop wringing their hands about how hard things are getting and get to work in rebuilding the cultural ruins that have been undermined, it will take some ‘big picture’ perspective.

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