Has Jim Carrey Lost What’s Left Of His Mind? Check Out His Latest ‘Art’…

Written by K. Walker on May 22, 2018

Do you remember Jim Carrey the comedian? He’s long gone. Now all that we have left is Jim Carrey the activist.

And that’s a whole lot less fun.

The former funny-man has thrown all of his energy into art with an activist tilt.

ClashDaily has already told you about his anti-Trump and anti-Sarah Huckabee Sanders art. He’s also painted a really disturbing piece about Trump’s sons dying, so that’s classy.

He’s also been a pretty big advocate for gun control.

Maybe he’s suffering from trauma and had some sort of breakdown.

Maybe he’s just revealing his innermost self.

Whatever is happening, Jim Carrey has been furiously painting — and apparently that ‘furious’ is literal. There’s obviously some real anger there.

Check out his latest piece:

So, he mocks a college graduate that dares to stand up for her rights.


Just in case you didn’t get the message, he posted this piece:

To all law-abiding gun owners in America, he just said:

It’s not all angry artwork, though.

Well, ok.

There’s that one, too.

But it really isn’t all angry. Just mostly angry.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Jim Carrey is still acting.

He is, but, apparently not in anything good.

He, like many other funny men before him, is attempting to resurrect his career by taking on some ‘serious’ roles. Take his latest role as the lead in ‘Dark Crimes’, a film about a disgraced Polish cop trying to redeem himself by reopening a murder case that was tied to a notorious sex club. Rex Reed reviewed the film and said that it ‘backfired like a meal of refried beans.


It’s kind of sad to watch this unraveling of a funny man.

But, this is what angry leftism can do for you.

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