Hey CNN: Will You Report On The Arrest, Imprisonment of this British ‘Citizen Journalist’?

Published on May 25, 2018

You say you care so deeply about government abuse of the press, right?

The same government that banned Canadian Lauren Southern from even entering the country because she was handing out exactly the kind of LGBT messages that are handed out claiming that Jesus is… or God loves… (whichever) particular member of the LGBT community — with one difference. She said ‘Allah’ instead of God or Jesus.

The UK hasn’t banned Jihadists from coming back to live in the UK after leaving to fight under the Black Flag of ISIS… but Lauren Southern is a bridge too far…

And she has weighed in on Tommy’s Robinsons’s arrest. (Even though there is a gag order on his arrest and the conditions of it.)

He is being imprisoned for a year for reporting on facts that were already in the public domain… literally written in a newspaper, but nobody from the newspaper wrote on it.

In the same vein, a British ‘Citizen journalist’ — who has, in the past, worked for Canadian online news outlet ‘The Rebel’ (founded by the only publisher who had the balls to show the now-infamous Danish Cartoon depicting Mohammed while it was still newsworthy — a decision his magazine was maliciously sued into bankruptcy over) was reporting on the sexual grooming gang that the national media had steadfastly refused to say anything about.

It was the same kind of moral cowardice that gripped the media in America when Kermit Gosnell was on trial for the horrific neglect and grotesque practices that lead to the deaths of several born-alive babies. That was over and above the injuries, sterility, and — in at least one case, death — of his patients. Abortion here is the third rail. Planned Parenthood and the Left’s ‘sacrament’ of abortion must be defended against any and all criticism.

We were one of the few media sources that kept our readers informed about that case. Similarly… Tommy Robinson (his pen name) played a similar role in the trial of the child sex grooming case.

They just happened to be mostly, if not entirely, Muslim. (This explains the fear of speaking up.)

The right wing activist was streaming a Facebook live video outside Leeds Crown Court, where a grooming trial is reportedly underway, on Friday morning.

Robinson, real name Stephen Lennon, can be seen being led towards the back of a police van and searched in footage posted to his Facebook page.

He can be heard saying: “I’m being arrested? I am being arrested…I’m ‘causing a breach of peace’…I’m being arrested for breaching the peace.

Source: Standard

Because of his very public stance against radical Islam, some have voiced serious concerns for his safety:

This is the second friend of hers that has arrested someone for wrong journalistic opinions.

The other one was taken away by police in Germany.

While CNN and MSNBC and the rest are forever denouncing Trump — who keeps his promises, and has scaled back the Presidential role to within Constitutional limits — but are silent about issues like these, just because they’re not ‘Team Hillary’ (or, more accurately, Team Soros) like the rest of them?

Can we still truly say there is such a thing as a ‘free press’?

CNN — all the news that’s fit to flush.

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