Hey Feminists: An MSNBC Anchor Casually Mentions Violence Against Sarah Sanders — When Is Your March?

Published on May 15, 2018

Are you actually interested in the rights of women? Or just people in your OWN political club?

Because if you’re not interested in the rights of people who think differently than you, you aren’t actually interested in the rights of the group at all.

It’s just another form of hypocritical political hackery.

So, Feminists, there is a public call for violence against a woman. More specifically, against a high-profile, and powerful woman who is doing her job.

You can agree or disagree with her politics, but it should go without saying that we all have the right not to be assaulted at work. Right?

Otherwise, you can cancel that whole ‘MeToo’ protest as a sham. Because if you can be physically assaulted, so long as you’re not sexually assaulted, you don’t yet understand personal rights.

Here’s the story:

Huckabee posted a piece talking about the following:

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace apologized for asking a White House reporter how he resists “the temptation to run up and wring her neck,” referring to the President’s press secretary, who (full disclosure) is also my daughter. I will take Ms Wallace at her word that her apology was sincere, but I’m not letting her off the hook so easily until we examine the mindset that gives rise to such casual violent rhetoric and force her, and others in the media, to do a little more self-examination and, as the old bumper sticker read, to make sure their brains are engaged before putting their mouths in gear.

Source: Mick Huckabee

He unpacks the issue somewhat after that, talking about their pretense of civility, but actual hostility. Their willingness to report leaked gossip as incontrovertible fact (the rumored comments about McCain played a role in Wallace’s comments).  The unequal media treatment of, say, Sarah Palin’s debunked role in the shooting, and Kathy Griffin’s severed head. There were no urges to wring necks of administrations with a (D) after their name, not even when Rhodes admitted to using them as an ‘echo chamber’, or when IRS was caught targeting and punishing political rivals.

Who is it they are attacking? They are attacking a woman that a former Reagan staffer is calling ‘the best PresSec he has ever seen. In the words of Mark Levin, shortly after Sanders was skewered at the White House Correspondents Dinner:

“She is the best of the best, I gotta tell ya, she is the best [Press Secretary] I have ever seen, and I mean it” he said.

“I want to tell Mrs. Sanders something” Levin continued, ” … I don’t want to talk about the reporters who were at the White House Correspondence Dinner. I don’t care about them, they’re loathsome. But I want her to understand something, you are a very attractive young lady, you are a very courageous young lady, you are a very professional young lady, and you are doing a spectacular job. Do not let these dogs get you down.”

“I think I speak for virtually everyone in my audience how impressed we are with you, and how I am sure your mother and father couldn’t be prouder of you, and they oughta be, and so should the president.”

Source: DailyCaller

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