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Hey Patriots: The New Social Media Role Of Eric Holder’s Firm … Should You Be Concerned?

It’s probably nothing, right?

Eric Holder.

You may remember him from such political moments as ‘Obama’s Wingman‘, Contempt of Congress, (that was over Fast and Furious), leader of the #Resistance in California — for that, he was hired even before Trump even took office. They wanted him to serve as a ‘bulwark against Trump’.

Well, now his firm is back in the spotlight.

But if you go looking for it, you might want to try Bing. For some ‘inexplicable’ reason, that particular story has been buried on Google’s second page.

And no — they weren’t hired by Google, so far as we are aware.

His firm was hired by Facebook.

Why was his firm hired by that monolithic company?

On the face of it, they ‘could’ be doing a good thing. They are submitting to a civil rights audit and a bias audit. One will be addressing questions centering on race within their platform. The other will address anti-conservative bias.

The guy investigating Anti-Conservative bias is himself a Conservative. A former Republican Whip who spoke out against Holder.

The conservative bias advising partnership will be led by former Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl, along with his team at Covington and Burling, a Washington law firm.

Kyl will examine concerns about alleged liberal bias on Facebook, internally and on its services. They will get feedback directly from conservative groups and advise Facebook on the best way to work with these groups moving forward.
The Heritage Foundation, a conservative public policy think tank, will convene meetings on these issues with Facebook executives. Last week the group brought in tech policy expert Klon Kitchen to host an event with Facebook’s head of global policy management, Monika Bickert.
“From what I’ve heard, it sounds encouraging that Facebook is taking steps to evaluate where things stand in the marketplace and hear concerns.”
— Rob Bluey, VP Communications, Heritage and Editor-in-chief of The Daily Signal
Source: Axios

The firm is the same one that was retained by California as that ‘bulwark against Trump’ mentioned in the opening paragraphs.

We’ve seen how numbers have been suppressed among Conservative sites in the name of ‘combating fake news’ since November 2016. We’ve seen solid Conservative companies go under because of ‘algorithm changes’, even on sites generating original stories, or showing they are well sourced that don’t seem to bother other news sites.

We have seen the explicit and intended role of Facebook in that forty-nine-page ‘war plan’ by Media Matters to promote ‘progressive’ values, sites, journalists, companies, oppo research and so on.

Big Tech CEOs have explicitly admitted the strong leftward Bias in Silicone Valley.

So anything measuring Conservative Social Media Bias that even has the remotest possibility of being influenced by Eric Holder, or his sympathizers sets off alarm bells.

Maybe we’re over-reacting. Maybe they’ll get to report about the acutal harm done to Conservative companies.

But as far as ‘proving bias’ that shouldn’t be difficult.

Gizmodo is hardly a ‘Conservative’ site, and even THEY ran stories from former employees of the blue-and-white social media monolith describing Conservative opinions or stories as being ‘routinely suppressed’ by ‘news curators’.

And what’s really interesting about THAT story is the fact that it predates the crippling anti-conservative algorithm changes. It was written in MAY of 2016, even before the Primaries were officially decided.

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