Dear CNN: According To Your Own Poll Your Anti-Trump Blather Ain’t Working

Written by K. Walker on May 9, 2018

CNN does not tell stories that can help Trump. Not if they can help it, anyway.

But polls can have a funny way of getting away from you. Of surprising you, even. And that is just what this poll did for CNN.

The first number they reported was pretty much what you’d expect of a president who’s received a ritual beating on the news every night.

And none of those ritual beatings has been more myopic than the one by a network that interviewed the lawyer representing the opposite side of a court case fully 59 times in two months. That network, of course, would be CNN.

But the numbers that followed? They must have been about as welcome as a dead skunk in that newsroom.

Their poll asked the very innocuous question: “How is America Doing Today”?

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, first off, they thought America was doing VERY well today, thank-you very much. Fifty-seven percent of the public answered “well”. Only 40 percent said “poorly”. That’s only 3% undecided.

So even though Americans may not approve of the President himself, they think the country is in good shape.

But let’s look a little closer at those numbers. When was the last time they stood at 57%? It was way back in 2007.

Not only is the public saying they are very optimistic about how America is doing, but it’s a little more than one year into his Presidency and our national optimism is higher than it was at any point in the Obama presidency.

It seems that Trump’s optimism is contagious.

We haven’t been this happy with how America was doing since the LAST time we had the Left calling a Republican President ‘Literally Hitler’. Maybe the Media(D) is missing something?

While they think about what that might be, maybe they can look up what Trump’s Campaign slogan was.

Does this qualify as a ‘promise kept’?

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