Clash Poll: Are You Glad Trump Dumped The Iranian Nuclear Agreement? – These Lunatics Aren’t!

Published on May 9, 2018

Well, well, well. Look at them pitch impotent little fits when they don’t get their own way!

Maybe we should have told them that “if they like their Iran Deal, they can keep their Iran deal”. That’s how Obama would have done it, right?

That’s what happens when a Community-Organizer and so-called ‘constitutional scholar‘ tries to short-circuit the legitimate way of doing things.

If he had WANTED this deal to be permanent, he wouldn’t have used a pen and a phone, he would would have impressed on us all why this deal was in the national interest. He would have had Congress ratify a treaty. And then his precious deal wouldn’t have melted like frost in the springtime sun.

Are you glad the deal got spiked? Because SOMEBODY sure didn’t!

Iran’s Supreme Leader has warned ‘America can’t do a damn thing’ as politicians burned a US flag in parliament in the wake of Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.

Without elaborating, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused the US President of ’10 lies’ during his explosive annoucement yesterday and warned his country not to trust America, Britain, France and Germany.

His comments came as Iranian politicians chanted ‘death to America’, set fire to a US flag and a symbolic copy of the Iran deal and vowed to continue spending on the country’s ballistic missile program.

Referring to Trump, Khamenei added this morning: ‘This man will turn to dust and his body will become food for snakes and ants. And the Islamic Republic will still be standing.’
Source: DailyMail

Besides showing his profound ignorance of biology — snakes? Really? — this is yet another lame and idle boast.

Brave words for a government whose people are chanting this:

“Death to farmers, long live oppressors!” – Reuters

These dopes can’t even give their own people adequate drinking water. Due to ‘water management’ issues. And they’re threatening us?

His problem wasn’t in trusting America — it was in trusting Obama. Big difference.

Like we said, Iran didn’t get the approval of Congress, just the approval of the community-organizer-in-chief who thought he had a magical pen and phone. Well, the magic ran out.

That promise was no more permanent than the guy who made it. The promise was never his to make. That’s what you get for negotiating with Narcissistic leftists – like Kerry.

Predictably, the ‘honest broker’ that Obama (and more recently despite the explicit proscriptions of the Logan Act) John Kerry had negotiated with expressed their displeasure with Trump’s provision in a very predictable way:

1) They denounced America’s ‘lies’

2) They burned the American flag

3) They chanted ‘death to America’ in their Parliament

Iranian MPs have set fire to a US flag and chanted “death to America” during a session of parliament, following Donald Trump‘s decision to pull out of the country’s nuclear deal. — Source: The Independent

Rather than wringing our hands, and worrying how that might be ‘bad’ news, we’ve got a really great reason to think of it as GREAT news.

Have a listen:

Iran is a Russian Client state, a sponsor of Terror, and is propping up the regime in Syria.

They hate us, and we’re not particularly fond of them.

If a man — or government — is known by their enemies, we must be in pretty good shape.

And for that matter, the Media(D) who keep crying ‘collusion’ have some serious explaining to do.

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