New CNN Toilet Paper — Finally, A Fitting Use For That Worthless Logo

Published on May 24, 2018

Blitzer, Acosta, Lemon, Cooper. They’ve long since crossed from ‘fake news’ to unvarnished propaganda. Now you can show your true feelings for the network.

And, in a fun twist, if you stock it in the guest bathroom, even some of your Leftist relatives might have no choice but to do the same thing.

We’re talking about the one place the logo for the most busted name in news really belongs.

On your toilet paper.

Yes, you can finally have your own roll of CNN Toilet paper.

Maybe you haven’t forgotten how they liked to call the Tea Party by their favorite nasty sexual slur ‘tea bagger’.

Maybe you’re sick of hearing them call anyone to the Right of Stalin a ‘racist’ without a shred of proof.

Maybe you’re tired of the endless tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories about ‘Russian Collusion’.

This is the product for you! Of course, don’t bother asking CNN which way is the ‘right way’ to hang the roll. They’ll probably get that answer wrong, too.

And you can even share the love! It needn’t just be for your own use. Give it as a gift, too.

Are you tired of the fake news that spews forth from CNN and the lame-stream media? Well, you don’t have to put up with their crap any more! Clash Daily is proud to release a very special brand of toilet paper!

Send to your liberal friends so that they can wipe their minds clear of the waste produced by the Communist News Network!

CNN — all the news that’s fit to flush.

Get yours now!