Breaking: White House Calls Off Singapore Summit With N. Korea — Here’s The 411

Published on May 24, 2018

The President had been hopeful for the chance of finding a negotiated solution with North Korea, but we all knew it was never set in stone.

After all, it’s been 65 years of unresolved tension since the Korean War sort-of kind-of but not-quite ended.

A lot of reasons for optimism had been evident…

Some of the test site facility is confirmed to be disassembled.

American hostages were returned home.

And that famous handshake when KJU stepped across the DMZ into South Korea was more ‘rapprochement’ than the two Koreas had seen since before the war.

The big unknown was whether that shaky peace could hold long enough to hammer out a lasting one.

That goal took a big step backward today with the ‘Singapore Summit’ being canceled.


The President sent a letter that was clear in its meaning, but which left room for KJU to come back to the table.

The President emphasized American strength. Awareness of our arsenal, a strong preference to resolve the conflict in a manner that will not result in their use, and gratitude for the release of the hostages.

With all that said, two things are abundantly clear.

He is resolute in the outcome he requires from North Korea.

And he is open to resuming the talks when KJU is ready to stop playing games.

In the meantime, the ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaign is expected to continue.

What was that line about speaking softly and carrying a big stick?

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