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Orwell Was Right: PC Police Pulling Cherished Children’s Books From Shelves For This Nutty Reason

Reading and math scores are circling the toilet, but the urgent problem that most needs solving is THIS PC crisis-du-jour?

Beloved children’s books, toys, and characters are going to get the ax because they’ve run afoul of the new gender rules.

Everything’s gotta be ‘gender neutral’ now. Books and toys that violate that key principle will be shown the door.

You can see the short video here.

“…some councils are auditing learning materials at libraries, schools and kindergartens, urging a ban on the terms ‘boy’ and ‘girl’… under the new rules, children’s favorites like ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ and ‘Winnie the Pooh’ could be banned…”

For now, that’s Melbourne Australia, but do you really think they wouldn’t try to bring that nonsense here, too?

Books that say ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ will be removed. Oh really? Maybe you can expect ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ to be next?

The zealots on the left are becoming equal parts George Orwell and Ray Bradbury — as in 1984 & Fahrenheit 451.

And they have the audacity to point the finger and cry real tears about some imaginary ‘Handmaids Tale’ dystopia being thrust upon them? News flash: even there, only one religion would be even remotely likely to follow down that road … and it is NOT centered on the Cross of Christ.

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What makes America so different from other nations? Other nations are built around regimes or systems. But America was built from on ideas. From a blank slate.

Built on ideas that are DANGEROUS to tyrants.

That we have God-Given Rights, like Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dangerous ideas. Like this one: the people, when threatened, have a God-Given right to stand up in defiance of any government that dares threaten any of those rights.

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