Piers Morgan Goes “Full Piers Morgan” Over Trump’s Latest NFL Anthem Comments

Published on May 24, 2018

You’d think he’d be better at understanding what Trump really means.

Piers Morgan is kind of a mixed bag. Every time you think you have him pegged, he flips again.

Sometimes he’s been spot on. Somethimes he’s full-on nutty.

As we mentioned recently, the NFL is figuring out the proper damage control for the disasterous Take A Knee campaign that was driving fans away.

They came up with new rules, and we got to watch Trump react to them live on camera.

Not surprisingly, Trump had an opinion when asked about the new policy.

And just like that… Trump’s critics lost their collective minds.


It must be a day ending with ‘y’.

Piers Morgan took the bait, and showed all his own biases in the process.

After showing his customary ignorance about the Second Amendment and the impotence of any of his proposed ‘solutions’, he takes a swipe at Trump’s answer to the question above.

I was already planning to write an angry column criticising this absurd decision, and hammering the NFL for ironically taking the knee to the President in such a cowardly, simpering fashion.

But then Mr. Trump, as is his unfortunate tendency, decided to up the ante a hundred times higher by going on Fox and Friends this morning and saying this about players who kneel: ‘You have to stand proudly for the National Anthem or you shouldn’t be playing. You shouldn’t be there. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.’

Sorry, WHAT?

The President of the United States says American citizens who exercise their lawful right to peaceful protest should be DEPORTED?

Because they certainly aren’t going to leave of their own volition, are they?

So the logical extension of Trump’s threat is they would be thrown out.

Sorry, Piers. Bad form.

That wasn’t even CLOSE to being ‘logic’.

No wonder Piers couldn’t even keep a job at CNN, a network with such low standards that Acosta is the reporter the sent to the White House.

Maybe if he actually understood patriotism, it would make sense.

Is it your nation? Do you not wish to honor the flag and the anthem?

If not… is this truly a nation you want to call home?

If you give thought to that question — real thought, one of two things will happen.

You will realize that America really is different and better than any other option out there, and you will begin to appreciate its symbols in a way you had not previously.

OR you will decide that your values and the nation’s values are not a ‘match’. In that case, you can seek out a nation and culture whose values reflect your own.

Either way, it’s win-win.

But to the small-minded and hyper-critical, what can we expect but boilerplate offence-taking?

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