P*ssification: Here Are The 5 ‘New Rules’ For Comedians On College Campuses

Written by K. Walker on May 29, 2018

“It is now an extension of the entire campus climate that we’re trying to create”

The people booking music and comedy acts aren’t just looking for someone to give their students a ‘good show’. It’s gotta be more than that. You have to be ‘worthy’ of the woke crowd’s standards.

What a comedian does on our campus isn’t the same as what they’d do on an open mic at a bar a few hours later.


Why Comedians Say College Audiences Can't Take a Joke

Comedians Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld have said they wont play college campuses anymore because of the overly PC environment, but not so many young comedians have the luxury to refuse gigs. (via HBO)

Posted by VICE News on Thursday, May 24, 2018

“The kids that I’m programming for are not cis-het dudes, and we intentionally program for that.”

In case you’re not hip to the ‘woke’ slang, cis-het dudes means men that know they are men, and are interested in women.

Those are NOT the people they are programming for. By design.

— Transphobic language is not going to be tolerated

— Step out of line in your act, and they’ll not only yank the mic but withhold payment, too

— female comic did a bit about sexual assault and was told to pull the joke from her set

— ‘reduce student harm’ is the goal of the act booker… so comply
(Yes… she really thinks people can be ‘harmed’ by jokes.)

— You can talk about your experience, but can’t make fun of someone else’s identity
(No word on whether that rule extends to “cis-het dudes”)

That’s not even getting into the newest list of ‘outlawed’ words like ‘blind alley’, ‘basket-case’ or ‘long time no see’.

Seems a little bit domesticated… a little like ‘walking on eggshells’ doesn’t it?

Compare that to the hilarious but sometimes savage comedy greats before everything went PC.

Compare that to, say, George Carlin, or Richard Pryor.

It’s safer… but the really funny jokes are funny because they AREN’T safe.

Once again, liberals, in their rejection of freedom, are taking the fun out of life.

Vaping, soy lattes, and smart cars are a sad and sorry replacement for cigars, steak, and the great American Muscle cars.

Their comedy acts are going the same direction.

Of course they are. Because they’re allergic to freedom.

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