Watch: An American School Mural Depicts Trump’s Severed Head On A Spear

Written by K. Walker on May 7, 2018

Is this appropriate free speech or is it offensive and incendiary?

The MAAC Charter school in Chula Vista, California is causing a stir nationwide as news reports of a graphic anti-Trump mural have emerged.

The publicly-funded school has colorful murals on its exterior walls. An artist was hired to finish one of the murals and did so with an image depicting the decapitated head of President Donald Trump on the spear of an Aztec warrior.

The artist is unapologetic.

Some parents and community members have called the mural ‘disturbing’ and ‘inappropriate’ for in a school setting.

“We understand that there was a mural painted at the event this past weekend that does not align with our school’s philosophy of non-violence. We have been in communication with the artist who has agreed to modify the artwork to better align with the school’s philosophy,” Director Tommy Ramirez explained.

People in the neighborhood said they found the mural both disturbing and inappropriate, especially being that it was at a school setting.

The artist who created the disturbing artwork is Sasha Andrade. She refused to speak to the outlet on camera about the community’s reaction. But thanked the station on her Facebook for the “free advertising” along with a laughing emoji.
Source: Daily Caller

Watch the KUSI News report:

Andrade even shared a photograph of the mural on Facebook hoping that the post would go viral.

She also posted that she’s received threats.

“This is the ‘America’ we live in,” wrote Andrade, “hate threats to the extent of bashing my deceased baby nephew, really? And it comes from a ‘grown’ man that apparently wasn’t raised the right way, talking about killing and God in the same message, but hey if the so called ‘President’ does it they think its ‘ok’, because that is the only thing this man has done, bring racism and white supremacists to hide behind their computers and harass anyone who does not support trump.”

The school reportedly covered the mural with plywood on Friday after receiving complaints.

“Obviously there’s a lot of concern over what is depicted,” said district public information officer Manny Rubio, according to the Union-Tribune. “Because of that, they’re going to rework it. Our ultimate goal is that instruction continues and is not interrupted.”

Source: Daily Caller

Stop for a moment and imagine if the role of victor and vanquished were switched.

How quickly do you think charges of ‘racism’ would come out? What made this ‘artist’ think it was ok to use the forum of a publicly funded school to paint a picture of a foreigner murdering a duly-elected American? What if it was the PREVIOUS president with his head on a pike?

Would that have been tolerated? No. Nor should it have been.

The School should put a stop payment on the check the ‘artist’ was given until it is made appropriate.

It was intended as a publicity stunt anyway. Look how much attention Don Lemon’s drinking buddy got when she held up a decapitated Trump head.

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