LMAO: College Constructs ‘Cry Room’ For Whiny Students – No, This Isn’t Satire

Written by K. Walker on May 7, 2018

It’s a good thing that colleges are equipping students to deal with the pitfalls of life.

They’re being challenged with difficult ideas. Having their minds and imagination stretched to allow for thinking that has undergirded the Western Culture for a couple of Milennia.

No. That’s what higher education USED to look like. Now they get a cry closet and a stuffed animal.

Oh, how I wish that I were kidding. Welcome to Salt Lake City, folks.

The university’s library has a “Cry Closet” now available for “stressed out students,” a statement on the closet’s door reads.

“The space is meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10-minute break.”

And, there are rules listed: Knock before entering, only one person inside at a time, limit time inside to 10 minutes and turn the lights out before leaving.

The closet, a free-standing woodshop project by senior Nemo Miller in collaboration with Tony Miller and David Meyer, was installed Sunday. It’s lined with a black interior, and plush stuffed animals are inside.
Source: USA Today

So this was a student initiative, not something done by the school itself. The assignment was to ‘create something that acted as a social intervention’. (Which of course answers that question – why can’t we get jobs after college. If this is what you’re being taught, who really needs what your new skills can offer?)

Not to pick on the kid too badly — but this just SCREAMS ‘quality construction’, doesn’t it?

How well have they thought this through? What if someone who’s claustrophobic needs to cry? Does making it so small count as a microagression?

Watch Tucker Carlson has some fun with this interview. Notice how his guest goes all-in on the value of ‘having a good cry’. How having a good cry would even turn the tide of a battle in wartime. Salvadore Dali isn’t as surreal as their conversation. See for yourself.

And this is College, right?

How long do you think that ‘one person at a time’ rule will be respected? Has it been broken already? Do you dare shine a blacklight in there?

And what will that mean for any, shall we say, hygiene questions that might raise about the stuffed animals?

One more question.

Is Tickle Me Elmo one of the stuffed animals they jammed in there?

Because somehow, that demon doll wouldn’t seem out of place with the level of emotional maturity these students seem to have become stunted at.

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