Watch: Woman Said Cop Harassed Her – Unfortunately For Her We Have The Video

Published on May 11, 2018

Remember how bodycams were going to expose wrongdoing by cops? They are also exposing bogus anti-police lies.

Let’s recap.

A woman was pulled over by the police for speeding. Here’s her account of the event.

So, the key points she made in the video:

She was just ‘a little difference’ over the speed limit. Like 60 in a 55 or something like that. (We’ll come back to that.)

She was bullied.

The cop was racist.

She was afraid.

Here is the link to her full video.

How about we recap her ‘traumatic experience’ through the perspective of the bodycam, and see how close she came to the truth?

First off, she was clocked doing 70 in a 55 zone.

It makes you wonder how fast she NORMALLY drives if she thought this was ‘a little bit’ over. She was surprised that it wasn’t ‘a warning ticket’.

She said there was no speed limit sign. She was clocked going SEVENTY, and thought she should arugue with him about posted limits? Good luck with that.

The ”bad” man used such terror-inspiring phrases as ‘that’s fine’ and ‘I appreciate it’ early in the conversation.

He walked calmly back to the car, ran the usual paperwork, and walked back up to the driver, greeting her again with his intimidating phrase:

“Alright, Maa’m, what I have for you is a traffic summons…”

After she said she saw no signs posted (he answered they were in numerous places) he explained she was free to go back and look where she was driving.

In a very level voice, he explained her options relating to the summons, the website and phone number she could go to with any questions, the option to pre-pay which would not require her to be in traffic court, and he gave her the summons to be signed.

She didn’t like that, not one little bit. She told him she would “not” be signing that summons.

He took more time to explain what her signature meant in this context. It was not an admission of guilt, so much as an agreement to either (a) prepay the fine or (b) appear in court.

He explained to her that there was no right to not sign a summons, and if she did not sign it, he would have to remove her from the car, arrest her, and impound the car.

That part of the conversation is happening at the 6 minute mark in the video. Does he sound — even once — like he has raised his voice?

She signs the summons, at which point he says, “Thank you, I knew you were going to sign it. Thank you. I appreciate it very much. And you have a very safe day. Ok? Thank-you.”

Being told that acting contrary to the law would trigger standard policy escalating the situation is ‘bullying’ her? Hardly.

It’s morons like this who ‘cry wolf’ who actually hurt the real victims in those actual cases of police brutality.

If EVERY cop, no matter how polite is decried as ‘racist’… you can expect the public to be deaf to those same cries in the instances where there is actually IS corruption or abuse of authority.

In other news — we can tell you a little bit more about the woman crying wolf in this clip.

The woman who is complaining about the dangers of racism in America.

Dawn Hilton-Williams is the CEO/Founder/Head Chef at Herban-Eats, an organization that wants you to ‘radicalize wellness’ through a vegan diet.

She was assisted in her business by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce’s program designed to help minority business owners succeed. She was even in a video praising the Minority Business Accelerator program.

She was AWARDED A BUSINESS GRANT that is given EXPLICITLY to MINORITY busines owners.

She posted a fake victim of police racism video.

But the only evidence we really have about how race has affected her well-being in America is the small business grant she was given to help her succeed.


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