Watch: Candace Owens Says, Blacks Are Being Used By Democrats – Her Examples Are Undeniable

Published on May 15, 2018

Go ahead and prove her wrong. Take all the time you need.

There’s a reason the Left freaked out when Kanye said something nice about Candace Owens. It’s because she — personally — is dangerous to the Left’s official narrative.

The Left wants us to believe that THEY are the compassionate party. The ones who care for and protect the needs and rights of minorities, especially blacks.

They try to keep groups in protective little bubbles so they only hear news and media that reinforce the (Dem!) party line.

They try to discredit anyone who runs counter to that narrative, especially FORMER Democrats who become activists for the ‘other side’. They call it being ‘red pilled’. For obvious reasons:

How do you discredit a strong, vocal, popular black woman?

If you can’t take on her ideas (and on topics like freedom, they can’t) the usual trick is to claim she has “no authority” to speak on the topic. They’re doing that by calling her an uppity rich kid.

It backfired. Why? Because it brought up an occasion for her to present her ‘bona fides’ for the ‘authentic black experience’ which she addressed her speech. (And we’re not even up to the good stuff yet.)

If I am rich, please let my parents know. That would be very interesting, versus the way that I actually grew up. Yes, I was raised in Connecticut. I was raised in Stanford, Connecticut, and my family is not, not was, most of my family wasn’t on welfare, they currently are on welfare. I come from a background where I grew up seeing my uncles in prison. And, uh, I grew up with a broken family, a very typical, what I would say a ‘black American story’

It was intended to discredit. But it gave her statements more force. And many of the liberals who claim to speak for the ‘black community’ they are the ones who grew up rich and uppity.

Her big idea is that the Political Left, as a group — whether you mean media, politicians, celebrites, whatever — is deliberately trying to use claims of ‘racism’ to turn the black population into single-issue voters.

Here’s one of her arguments.

Catch the full speech and judge her ideas for yourself.

Love her ideas, hate them or anything in between, you can say this much…

She’s getting people thinking about issues, rather than spewing cookie-cutter talking points.

And isn’t that the point of the American Experiment?

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