Watch: Idiot Tries To Rob Young Families Outside Of School – Runs Into The Wrong Mom

Written by K. Walker on May 14, 2018

A guy with a gun figures a school would have nothing but defenseless victims, right? Wrong. VERY wrong.

The assailant apparently figured the parents at a private school would be worth shaking down for money.

What unfolded in this video is exactly the reason we are saying teachers should be permitted to carry. It’s not because we want Mrs. McGillicutty from the second-grade class playing ‘hero’ and charging after a crazed gunman to exchange fire with him.

No. But if she DOES come face-to-face with some sicko waving a gun around, she will have options beyond (a) praying he doesn’t shoot her, and (b) hoping help arrives in time.

Options like this mom had.

Sure, she’s not your average mom, she’s a Military Police officer picking her kid up from school.

NOT your ‘typical victim’. In fact, she’s not a victim at all.

Three shots later, and the government was saved the expense of prison and a trial. He died in hospital.

The suspect’s name: Elivelton Neves Moreira (age 21)
Location: Sao Paulo.
Hero mom: Katia da Silva Sastre (age 42)

If you find yourself in a situation like this mom did, be ready to come through it safely. Have a means of self-defence, and the ability to use it.

Which is exactly what Regis Giles wrote her book about.

Here’s the brand new book on how to be a Warrior Chick by Regis Giles — daughter of our very own Doug Giles:

From the book:

Do I want this to be happening? Why is his hand on my waist? Is he really fondling my breasts? What do I do? Why is he in a bathrobe? Why is he taking off the bathrobe? God, I need to get out of here! I thought this was going to be professional.

No one, unless they’ve been in the same situation, can ever really understand the stress and self-doubt one goes through when sexual harassment occurs.

Regis Giles’ new book will teach you how to escape the world of #MeToo victim and become the #WarriorChick you were meant to be!


Think Miss Giles knows a thing or two about taking care of herself? You’d better believe it.

She and her sister Hannah were the very first two female Valente Bros black Belts. That’s a feather in your cap, for sure.

She’s got a website ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Guns‘ and she had it LONG before it was ‘trendy’ to talk about #MeToo.

She’s also a world-class huntress.

Get your copy of  How to not be a #MeToo Victim, but a #WarriorChick today!

The men and women in law enforcement that serve and protect us are commendable, but the response time means that they don’t get there when the bullets are flying.

Are you willing to wait 20 minutes for the police to show up?

It’s an issue that needs to be discussed within our churches and addressed by our church leaders.

We need some righteous badassery in the church to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our brothers and sisters in Christ from the preventable evil in this world.

We need to Obey Jesus.

Including what he said in Luke 22:36.

He [Jesus] said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.
– The Holy Bible, English Standard Version

For the badass, Christ-follower we’ve got the shirt for you.

Don’t worry, ladies, we haven’t left you out.

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