Why Is John Kerry Still Meeting With Sketchy Characters From Iran?

Published on May 14, 2018

The Iran Deal that wasn’t a treaty has been spiked. So why is Kerry meeting with these people?

Kerry STILL doesn’t act like he’s done working in the government. He’s still meeting with people in a country that is having its sanctions restored.

WHY is he meeting with them? Probably because the Iran ‘deal’ (we can’t call it a treaty because Obama never bothered to get it approved by Congress. Which means, it could be canceled just as easily as it was established.

Does that make Kerry Sad?

Maybe, but it made the citizens of Iran pretty damned happy.
Dear CNN: Iranians Start A ‘Thank You Trump’ Movement On Twitter – Is That ‘News?’

That’s just too damn bad, now isn’t it? That gives him no right to run around the world playing ‘diplomat’.

He lacks the credentials. And the authority.

At some point, the same Logan Act the Left called for in the Flynn case has to come into play with this crap.

He was spotted in Paris:

So, while Democrats accuse the duly-elected President of ‘collusion’ with a foreign power, could one of them please explain what their former Presidential Candidate is doing in these meetings?

And if it’s not ‘Colluding with a Foreign Power’… well, what WOULD you call it?

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