Watch: Woman Pulls The Trigger On The Mighty .50 BMG And Gets Her World Rocked!

She thought she was ready for it, but…

Not so much.

A Facebook video posted by Desert Guns is getting a whole lotta views.

The video is of a woman preparing to fire what appears to be a .50-Cal. BMG rifle. She prepares herself for the recoil by assuming a rather unusual sitting position on the bench, but it’s certainly not the best way to shoot.

She gets knocked on her keister with that kickback… right off the bench.


Best Caption wins! 😂😂

Posted by Desert Guns on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sure, it’s pretty funny, but obviously quite dangerous as the man that walks up from behind and takes the gun from her was nearly looking right down the barrel of that rifle.


This is why we need to promote gun safety. Only fire a weapon you’re comfortable with handling or you could injure someone else on the gun range.

Make sure you teach your girls how to handle recoil. You wouldn’t want your daughter to become a viral video of what not to do.

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