Bill Clinton Refuses To Apologize For Monica Affair – Says, He’s A #MeToo Backer

Written by K. Walker on June 6, 2018

Sounds a little like Weinstein bragging about his Pro-Choice record with feminism, doesn’t it?

He was the most powerful politician in the entire world.

Why is his former intern showing more accountability for the events than he is?

Probably because being a Clinton means never having to say you’re sorry.

Listen to him carp on about how he was beaten up with lies.


That’s pretty rich considering the public treatment the intern he didn’t mind being naked in front of received when the news went public. Some ‘gentleman’ who cares so deeply about the plight of women, Bill turned out to be.

After getting what he wanted from her, he dropped her like a used Kleenex. Or a ruined cigar.

He didn’t fall on his sword. He let her take the brunt of the public humiliation, despite the fact that he was operating from the very most disparate of power imbalances.

And remember — this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the many other women who raised allegations against him… some of whom settled out of court.

Don’t you just love his statement about the number of women in the Attorney General’s office?

Doesn’t it sound like the ‘I have a black friend’ defense of racism?

Then Bill appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and it was more of the same:

Hey Colbert! How much of a kiss-ass do you have to be when you announce to your guest that…
‘You didn’t look comfortable in that interview. I want you to be comfortable here. Do you want a do-0ver on your answer?’

To rephrase Colbert’s own infamous Trump-Putin monologue… for the duration of this interview, Bill was using Colbert’s mouth in much the same way as he did that previous intern’s.

We mean that metaphorically, of course. So far as we know, even Bill has SOME lows to which he won’t sink.

Dennis Miller was pretty tough on Bill Clinton for his ‘non-pology’.

He is thinking of inviting the former President on his show, but the logistics are becoming an issue:

He then mocked Clinton’s lame excuse for the bizarro Today Show appearance:


That’s the same phrase that Juanita Broaddrick claimed that Bill Clinton said to her after he bit her lip until it bled and then raped her. It’s also the title of her book.

Dennis Miller’s tweet gets this one absolutely right.

Amen, brotha, Amen!

Here’s a brand new book on how to be a Warrior Chick by Regis Giles — daughter of our very own Doug Giles:

From the book:

Do I want this to be happening? Why is his hand on my waist? Is he really fondling my breasts? What do I do? Why is he in a bathrobe? Why is he taking off the bathrobe? God, I need to get out of here! I thought this was going to be professional.

No one, unless they’ve been in the same situation, can ever really understand the stress and self-doubt one goes through when sexual harassment occurs.

Regis Giles’ new book will teach you how to escape the world of #MeToo victim and become the #WarriorChick you were meant to be!


Think Miss Giles knows a thing or two about taking care of herself? You’d better believe it.

She and her sister Hannah were the very first two female Valente Bros black Belts. That’s a feather in your cap, for sure.

She’s got a website ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Guns‘ and she had it LONG before it was ‘trendy’ to talk about #MeToo.

She’s also a world-class huntress.

Get your copy of  How to not be a #MeToo Victim, but a #WarriorChick today!

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