Black Mayor Calls Our National Anthem An ‘Ode To Slavery’ – Should He Resign?

Written by Doug Giles on June 28, 2018

How much confidence do you have in the judgment of a mayor who would take this stand?

Fourth of July celebrations are canceled. In “HIS” city, anyway.

If somebody said that about the city where you lived, what would you say to the mayor who made that call?

Is it something we could even print on a (mostly) family-friendly website?

The “official” reason is that they ‘don’t have the cash’. Do you believe them? (Don’t answer just yet. There’s more to the story.)

“We are spending time trying to figure out how maximize the programing at our recreation centers, how to ensure that our libraries are accessible and available for every child in our community,” Carter said. “The fact of the matter is that we just don’t have $100,000 to spend blowing up rockets over our city.”
Source: CBS Local

Oh, really? How much did they spend on renovating offices, or sponsoring parades? Were they able to scrape up any cash for, say, the Pride parade festival or their policing? And if so, was that amount more than or less than $100k?

Were no businesses willing to step up as sponsors? Why would they? The same report said he’s ‘not lobbying for that to happen’.

What else do we know about the mayor who made this decision? He doesn’t like the anthem itself… and claims we’re a racist nation. He did it in his inauguration speech.

See him in his own words at the 1:26 mark.

Is it just a question of ‘not having the money’?

Or is it because he loathes America?

Is someone with that kind of loathing worthy of the task of leading one of America’s important cities?

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