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Dear America: The Democratic Party Has Officially Become The Party Of Violence

This is where their fake ‘moral high road’ has led them. No wonder that ‘blue wave’ has evaporated.

They’ve spent so much time attacking Trump and his supporters, they’ve paid no attention to what they themselves have become.

Maybe that’s why Jesus told people to ‘take the plank out of their own eye’ before you start looking at the speck in someone else’s.

It’s gotten so bad that even Nancy Pelosi has had to publicly scold one of their own party for trash-talking too aggressively. (The trash-talker in question, of course, is Maxine Waters) who was encouraging angry groups of people to form around Republicans in public places like gas stations and ‘push back’.

Angry groups of people encircling people they’ve demonized to scream at and intimidate them… what could *possibly* go wrong in that scenario?

If anyone wonders why we’ve told the joke that if Maxine ever took an IQ test, the results would come back negative… there’s your answer.

For all the claims of fascism, of tyranny, jackboots and violence that those of us on the right get hammered with, along with every conceivable ginned-up “ism” and phobia… why is it that the accusations against Trump supporters keep being proven to be hoaxes, while there is very REAL violence coming from the left?

This song becomes a more savagely accurate criticism of the angry left — and their hypocrisy –with every passing month:

You might be able to dismiss the attempted murder of Scalise for purely political reasons as a one-off. But the fact that we’re seeing a rising pattern of violence and intolerance of any dissent from your narrow little worldview makes that seem less and less plausible.

Liberal celebrities are also doing their part to inflame this violent reality. Last week, Peter Fonda tweeted, “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will will stand up against the giant a–hole she is married to.”

Democratic leaders are trying to distance themselves from the likes of Waters and Fonda, but this poisonous left-wing rhetoric is nothing new.

Since day one, President Trump, his administration and supporters have been compared to Nazis. In January, Democratic Rep. Yvette Clarke stood outside New York’s ICE headquarters and called it the “Gestapo of the United States of America.”

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Monday that a tweet Mike Huckabee sent — which merely called out Nancy Pelosi for being soft on MS-13 — “parallels to the 1930s in Germany” or “let’s say David Duke, if that makes you feel more comfortable.”

The same day, popular Hollywood director Judd Apatow tweeted that President Trump is a Nazi.

This irresponsible hyperbole is putting people’s lives in danger. Democrats and their media allies have convinced many liberal activists that they live in a fascist dystopia. Their campaign of misinformation and violent rhetoric is creating this toxic environment.

The Democratic Party paints itself as the party of tolerance, but in its desperation to resist President Trump, it has become the party of violence.
Source: Daily Caller

Here’s a few examples of Liberals escalating just in the last few days (and that’s without going back to Antifa chucking bricks off of buildings into crowds, professors in masks cracking skulls with bike locks, masked goons pepper spraying random passers-by, or police imploring crowds not to fire urine bombs at people marching for free speech. It CERTAINLY doesn’t go all the way back to the police murdered by a black supremacist while they were providing protective escort for Black Lives Matter).

If you found a dead thing on your porch, would you take it seriously? How about if they did THIS to it?
DHS Official Finds Horrific Surprise On Front Porch – The Left’s Threats Are Getting Uglier

Wishing for the death of an 81-year-old judge for the crime of retiring:
Watch These 5 Leftists Lose Their D@mn Minds Over Justice Kennedy Quitting

Unhinged: Liberal Loon Busted For Threatening To Kill GOP Rep’s Children

Liberal Writer Warns Trump’s Admin That 70’s Style Bomb Attacks Are Coming To Them

Disgusting: Red Hen Owners Followed Sarah Huckabee Into Next Restaurant And Berated Her There

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Watch: Pam Bondi Accosted By 3 Liberal Men Who Were Cursing Her And Spitting On Her

These are the same people who get really worked up about ‘micro-aggressions’. But they seem totes cool with crap like this.

As for the so-called violence on the other side? Have you noticed a number of stories like this?

DEAR CNN: The Jack@ss That Made 8 BOMB Threats To Jewish Center Is A LIBERAL & A MUSLIM

DEAR MEDIA BS ARTISTS: The Anti-Muslim Portland Stabber Is NOT A Trump Supporter – Here’s THE TRUTH (He was a Bernie Bro)

BREAKING: Bi-Sexual Chick Said Trump Supporters Sent Her ANTI-GAY Slurs – Here’s What COPS Discovered

FAKE HATE: Leftist Claiming She Was Attacked By A Trump Supporter — LIED

YES! NY Muslim Yasmin Seweid ARRESTED For Filing BOGUS ‘Islamaphobia Report’

See a pattern forming here?

Why do you suppose that might be?

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