Clash Poll: Do You Think A 2nd U.S. Civil War Is ‘Imminent?’

Written by Doug Giles on June 28, 2018

Their rhetoric is heating up, for sure. But will they push it to the flashpoint?

Nobody with a lick of sense wants to see a second Civil War.

‘Blood in the streets’ and ‘brother against brother’ is never a good thing. Obviously.

The consequences of that both here and internationally would be incalculable.

But are some blindly pushing us to the brink of that flashpoint anyway?

Almost a third (31%) of Americans think we’ll see on within 5 years.

Notice, that wasn’t an ‘in your lifetime’ question. That was a ‘within five years’ question. It gets worse:

Meanwhile, 59 per cent of US citizens are fearful that those who are opposed to President Donald Trump’s policies will result to violence.

Of those surveyed, 44 per cent of African Americans believe that a second civil war is imminent, a view shared by 28 per cent of whites and 36 per cent of other minority voters.

Women and those under 40 are more concerned with a possible civil war than men and older voters.
Source: DailyMail

If those answers were accurate, that’s a pretty significant problem.

Especially when you realize that in the light of history it only takes a single event to snowball out of control and sweep an entire nation — or continent — into a course of action most participants never really wanted in the first place.

Like the assassination of an Archduke, for instance.

Or a gunshot fired in Concord.

Or the events leading up to the Civil War itself.

We’ve already seen an attempt on Scalese’s life — among others — in the name of political extremism.

If people keep shooting off their mouths about ‘assassinating Trump’ … or Justice Kennedy (now retiring) or any of a zillion other possible targets.

If they cheer the attack of Paul Rand at his own home, leaving him hospitalized.

If elected representatives and their staff are facing groups of angry protesters — who all too easily transform themselves into mobs if ‘provoked’ from within or without — we could find ourselves going down a dangerous road indeed.

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