Clash Poll: Do You Trust Comey & The FBI In Light Of The IG Report?

Written by Doug Giles on June 15, 2018

The title of Comey’s book ‘Higher Loyalty’ is looking more and more ironic every day.

Publishers better hope they get make a profit fast, before he’s so widely discredited that nobody would even use it for a doorstop.

The President tweeted out a few people’s reactions to the IG Report… including his own:

Here’s what he was referring to:

Notice the date the agent said that.

The lawyer wrote these words in response to another FBI attorney who asked him whether he was rethinking his commitment to the Trump administration (I take this to be an inquiry about whether he was thinking about leaving government now that Trump was in charge of it). The future Mueller attorney responded: “Hell no. Viva le resistance.”

The name of the Trump-resisting lawyer has not been revealed. However, Ross says he was the FBI’s “lead attorney on the investigation into Russian election interference” until being removed in February 2018 after his texts were made available to Mueller.

Source: Powerline

Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz weighed in:


And Mark Levin, who said after actually reading the report (and one wonders how many others can actually say that) that Trump comes out of this looking vindicated… not least of which for his legitimate firing of Comey who was not only using a private email for his own official business (the very thing he was investigating Hillary for) but was ‘insubordinate’ among other violations.

Which means, the firing of Comey — the act that triggered the Mueller investigation, and (importantly) which Comey himself INTENDED to trigger the Mueller investigation — was not only a lawful decision by President Trump… but it was also long overdue, and something the Obama Administration should explain their failure to have done.

There’s more, though. As tweeted by Mark Levin, who called the FBI ‘a cabal‘:

There was a CHART of leaks included in the report.

FBI agents were getting payoffs — meals, drinks, golf, sports tickets — for the information they would provide to the Media(D). We used to call that ‘taking a bribe’…  remember?

Which leads us to ask… do you trust the top dogs in the FBI to be objective AT ALL?

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