CNN’s Brian Stelter Is Obsessed With Melania’s ‘Disappearance’ Even Though She Hasn’t Disappeared

Journalists — as well as, whatever you’d call CNN employees — have a trick of asking a question to Drive a news story — even when it isn’t a story.

Allow Brian Stelter — of (Un)Reliable Sources to demonstrate the principle.

As we all know, Melania had surgery in May, relating to her kidney. Nobody was really expecting to see her in the spotlight. We are all more interested in seeing her full recovery.

Well — not all of us. Brian Stelter thought it was important to discuss where Melania has ‘disappeared to’ … (spoiler alert, she didn’t).

Less than 2 hours later, that question was put to rest by an actual reporter.

Or was it?

Even Melania had weighed in on the matter, some days earlier.

But no… it was important that he put on the tinfoil hat and ask the really hard questions.

It’s called a ‘leading question’. You ask a question, in order to generate interest and specualtion.


Isn’t it telling that this response to Brian’s tweet had more likes than the tweet Brian himself made?

Is there any wonder why we call them this:

CNN — all the news that’s fit to flush.

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