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Dear CNN: Obama Quietly Helped Iran Skirt Financial Sanctions – Is That ‘News?’

We already know that Team Obama made life far too easy for Iran’s regime. But did even the most cynical critics predict this?

While everyone on the left mutters nonsense about Trump being Putin’s puppet, has anyone asked the hard questions about Obama’s sketchy dealings with Iran — and (by extension) Russia?

Iran, after all, is Putin’s client-state.

What legitimate reason would he have to deal honestly with Iran while lying to Congress?

Is THIS what Obama meant by ‘more flexibility’?

If you thought Team-Obama’s stand-down orders on investigations that could have put a stop to Hezbollah transitioning from being ‘just’ a terror organization to full-blown Billion-dollar Criminal Cartel was a ridiculously horrible legacy? One that the pittance we got in return for it hardly accounts for?

Get your money ready for the swear jar.

Because we’re JUST getting started.

The Obama administration helped Iran utilize sanctioned oil revenue stranded in a foreign bank account in 2016 while actively misleading Congress about the cooperation, according to the results of a Republican-led Senate investigation released Wednesday night.

After signing the 2015 nuclear deal, which unfroze Iran’s U.S. accounts in exchange for the regime’s non-proliferation pledge, the Obama administration publicly maintained that all non-nuclear sanctions barring Iran from operating within the U.S. financial system would remain in place.

“Senior U.S. government officials repeatedly testified to Congress that Iranian access to the U.S. financial system was not on the table or part of any deal,” congressional investigators wrote in the report.
Source: National Review

That’s Obama’s ‘official’ story.

What was the reality?

Despite this pledge to the public and Congress, in February 2016 the administration assisted Tehran in recovering $5.7 billion held in the Bank Muscat in the Persian Gulf state of Oman, according to the report, compiled by the Senate’s permanent subcommittee on investigations. And, according to the report, administration officials continued to misled Congress after the license was issued.

“Even after the specific license was issued, U.S. government officials maintained in congressional testimony that Iran would not be granted access to the U.S. financial system,” the report noted.

Under the terms of the nuclear deal, Iran was entitled to access the funds, which were held in Omani rials, a currency that is notoriously difficult to convert. The Obama administration attempted to help the Iranians convert the funds to Euros by issuing a special treasury license to two large U.S. banks empowering them to convert the funds first into dollars and then euros.

According to the report, the Obama administration’s plan ultimately proved unsuccessful, but in undertaking the effort without informing Congress, officials “misled the American people by saying that Iran was not going to be granted access to the U.S. financial system,” Subcommittee Chairman Rob Portman (R., Ohio), the subcommittee’s chairman, told the Washington Post in an interview. “I think they did it because they were so eager to get an agreement with Iran.”
Source: National Review

Of course, team Obama has a ready spin for the story.

It was just a little transaction. That’s not the same thing as giving access to the US Monetary system.

No… helping the leading sponsor of Terror (and, we repeat, Russian client state) recover $5.7 billion dollars with which it can repress its own citizens, and wage war with its neighbors is a small thing.

And ‘somehow’ Iran has found the money to resume its uranium enrichment capacity.

Pretty weird for a nation that had ‘no plans’ for developing a nuclear arsenal.

But should we be surprised by ANY of Obama’s lies about Iran? His team literally BRAGGED about getting away with it.

Ben Rhodes called the media his echo chamber.

Gee… why don’t we trust them?

CNN — all the news that’s fit to flush.

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