Gay Man Blasts Pride Month In A Blistering Rant You Need To Read

Written by Doug Giles on June 27, 2018

This bro lays it all out and explains EXACTLY why he doesn’t take part in Pride Month and it’s brutal.

Chad Felix Greene is a contributor to The Federalist and the author of the ‘Reasonably Gay: Essays and Arguments‘ series where he writes about social issues from a gay, conservative perspective.

He published a piece in the Federalist where he lambasts the LGBTQ+ movement.

This piece is a must-read.

Here are some interesting bits. (Emphasis added)

The difference between what it means to be a gay person on the Right and a gay person on the Left is becoming far more profound than mere political disagreement. Although there is much discussion about the legitimacy of gay conservatives, we often don’t articulate why we reject our socially assigned community, or how difficult that separation can sometimes be.

To begin, it must be understood that the LGBT movement is, at its core, a progressive movement. The very concept of “gay” rights and activism to force a sexual revolution is the basis of today’s liberalism. Gays did not begin by asking for marriage or to be viewed as everyday citizens; the movement grew from social rejection and intentional counter-culture behaviors and worldviews. Being gay was more than just same-sex attraction, it was a lifestyle of rebellion and creativity.

Greene writes that he owes much of his life as he knows it to the activists, but that he doesn’t like the constant touting of identity politics.

This was the stated goal of the gay movement for more than a decade. However, today’s LGBT movement is far more focused on the smallest variation of identity as an absolute characterization of who a person is. More importantly, the movement tends to treat people based solely on who they are not. The growing intolerance of intellectual diversity and the move towards mandatory class and identity association in all areas of life has restricted what was once a uniquely colorful example of freedom of expression.

What’s more, he says that gays aren’t ‘fun’ anymore.

Gays aren’t fun any longer. While growing up, I watched the gay world through movies, the Internet, and magazines and imagined an environment of laughter, music, and genuine acceptance. Today I see a movement of exclusion, bitter scolding, humorless lecturing, and a constant state of rhetorical crisis. I witness and experience hate, bigotry, and tangible intolerance typically founded on the flimsiest of assumed beliefs and outdated prejudices. I find myself a caricature of what I used to imagine a Republican to be.

He finds the march pointless.

I do not experience the discrimination, threats, or social rejection that fuels their advocacy. There is simply nothing for me to march for or against as a gay man. I am repulsed by the realization that absolutely everything the LGBT world produces reflects a singular and vitriolic political flavor I just do not appreciate.

But I no longer have those limitations. I am free to pursue any dream I wish. My sense of purpose and hope are no longer tied to a flag fluttering proudly in the distance. I no longer need the gay community. I am in a position to choose it.

He sums it up nicely.

I am a gay person, and that is simply an aspect of who I am. While I am aware of my social status as a result, most of the time it is nothing more or less than an interesting part of my personal story. Politically I am identical to the majority of other conservatives and libertarians I engage with daily, with just a touch of fabulous wit and style.

More importantly, I am finally a person with a life built by my own choices. Pride month no longer holds power or weight in my world precisely because being gay is not the fundamental attribute that defines me. I hope my experience will one day be common for most gay people to enjoy, and the rainbow flag will be just a reminder of a time in our past when culture was changing, and we had something to celebrate.

Source: The Federalist

Chad writes that being gay is part of his identity — but not the totality of it.


And yes, his wit is fabulous.

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