It’s Official! Hollywood’s The Anti-American Voice For The Left

Written by Doug Giles on June 16, 2018

Hollywood used to wrap itself in the flag… but now it would probably use it as toilet paper.

We hear more and more about the ‘political divide’… and without exception, the usual ‘experts’ on the networks will point to the right for ‘creating’ this division.

But is it true?

Democrats, the Media, late-night TV, Hollywood, and the ‘Deep State’ (see the IG report are all walking in ideological lockstep).

And Hollywood, in particular, is the voice of seething hatred against all things traditional and American. It wasn’t ALWAYS this way. Just look at the patriotism in some of our old flicks.

But now we’ve got ‘The Resistance’, and people who brag about being ‘nasty women’ who ‘think about blowing up the White House’.

Meathead can’t stop talking crap about everyone left of Lenin, Tom Arnold is ‘certain’ that the ‘pee tapes’ are a real thing (maybe Bigfoot is hiding them), Joss Wheadon, who never misses an ‘eff Trump’ opportunity is ducking his own mistreatment of women.

Perhaps the most honest among them, Bill Maher, would gladly see a recession hurt thousands or millions of Americans who DON’T have millions in the bank, and live in gated communities… so long as it gets rid of Trump.

Video: Bill Maher Admits He Would Rather See America Suffer Than Trump Succeed

But of course, it was on full display when the first two words out of DiNero’s mouth at the Tony Awards were ‘F— Trump’.

DeNiro Yells ‘F**k Trump’ During Tony Awards – Will You Ever Watch His Movies Again?

It was followed, of course, by a standing ovation by the room full of Hollywood A-listers.

Is it any wonder movie revenues are on the decline?

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