LMAO: Robert Davi Just Kicked The Shiitake Mushrooms Out Of Robert DeNiro And It’s Pure Gold

Written by Doug Giles on June 13, 2018

Not everyone in Hollywood lapped up DeNiro’s ‘blue’ rant against the President at the Tony awards.

TMZ caught up with Robert Davi at the airport and got his thoughts on the rant.

Here they are:

Not only did he think it was disgraceful, he actually gave some thoughtful reasons why.

He also walks the walk. He mentioned the respect he gave Obama the President, even if he wasn’t a fan of either the policy or the man.

We are all Americans, he said. Exactly. (If only Hollyweird understood that.)

Speaking of that, he was asked a follow-up question about the Summit. His answer would have provoked another mindless tirade from DeNiro.

And of course, by way of Twitter, even there, Trump got the last word.

Aw, look at that! DeNiro wanted attention, and he got a ‘forever name’ in the process! How gracious of Trump to give him a nickname.

What makes America so different from other nations? Other nations are built around regimes or systems. But America was built from on ideas. From a blank slate.

Built on ideas that are DANGEROUS to tyrants.

That we have God-Given Rights, like Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dangerous ideas. Like this one: the people, when threatened, have a God-Given right to stand up in defiance of any government that dares threaten any of those rights.

There’s a men’s version

And a women’s version, too

Because in America, the bros AND the ladies BOTH have a rich history of badass rowdiness.