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Two Dudes Decide They’re Dames And Win HS State Championship – Parents Are Perturbed

Hey Feminists, we’re just wondering: is this an outrage of patriarchy, or are you cool with this?

This is one of those ‘unintended consequences’ of “intersectional feminism” bleeding into our sports programs. Those who were born as males, but who later make the switch to be females are consistently outperforming their born-female counterparts.

That’s because there are serious physiological differences between male and female physiology, stemming from — among other things — Testosterone. Does anyone really think it’s just a coincidence that both the First AND the Second-place finishers in this event were born male?

The winner is the same athlete we reported on last year.

A Connecticut high school sophomore dominated in last week’s track and field competition – but the transgender teen’s big win has some people outraged and wondering if it’s fair she was allowed to compete.

Terry Miller, who was born a male but identifies as a female, came in first place twice during the June 4 CIAC State Open track and field competition. During the 100-meter dash, Miller smoked her competition finishing the race in just 11.72 seconds. She also killed it in the 200-meter dash finishing in 24.17 seconds.

The Bulkeley High School teen, who competed on the boys’ team during the winter indoor track season, set new state records last Monday in both races, the CT Post reports.

Fellow transgender sprinter, Andraya Yearwood, also dominated at the competition finishing in second place in the 100-meter dash.
Source: DailyMail

The race, ‘shockingly’ set a new record.

Who saw this coming? Everyone did, Clashdaily included.

We raised this legitimate and serious issue in our response to a funny and clever parody story. It gave us a chance to ask the hard questions nobody was asking. 36yr. Old Man Identifies As 6yr. Old – Wins T-Ball Game With EPIC Home Run!

Experts can tell the difference between men and women by looking at just the skeletons. There are differences in bone density and muscle mass. There is a REASON we keep separate women’s records at Olympic events.

Or do we just throw in the towel, and have all the guys and girls compete in the same races?

It would be ‘fair’, in one sense. But unfair in another.

The question is, for meets like this, which is more ‘fair’?

To let people with the physical advantages gained during male puberty challenge women in athletic events, to let them be part of the group they feel they belong with — thereby disadvantaging those who did NOT have the testosterone boost of puberty? Or do they keep it fair in the other sense, having those who matured with masculine traits compete against others who matured with masculine traits, thereby letting women compete against those they have an honest chance of beating.

This is not a meaningless question, either. Not with things like records, championships, and (potentially) athletic scholarships that will be dependent on game-day performance.

‘Sports are set up for fairness,’ she said. ‘Biologically male and female are different, adding that ‘the great majority is being sacrificed for the minority’.

According to the Hartford Courant, Stanescu has gotten about 60 people to sign a petition calling for for the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference to change its rule that athletes are allowed to compete in the gender specific sport in which they identify.

A second petition started by a father-of-two is also calling for the rule to be changed. As of Monday, it had more than 80 supporters.

Lorenzo Milledge, a coach from Simsbury, said the ‘rule needs to be changed’.

Glastonbury coach Brian Collins told the CT Post that he agrees it’s not fair for Miller and Yearwood to compete on the girls’ team. Collins was among the group of people who signed Stanescu’s petition.
Source: DailyMail

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