‘Masculinity’ Blamed For Bourdain’s Suicide – We’re Calling BS On This One

Written by Wes Walker on June 12, 2018

Why does every story have to have an angle to trash traditional masculinity?

It didn’t take long for those who sing the praises of Low-T ‘maleness’ to hijack the Bourdain Narrative, did it?

Like so many ‘social justice warriors’ they took a basic data point — suicide numbers — and used it to spin the narrative they want people to agree with — masculinity is bad for men personally, and society generally.

See if you can tell where the story pivots:

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control released its latest suicide data, revealing that nearly 45,000 people committed suicide in 2016.

If estimates that seven out of 10 of these people are men hold true, then more as many as 31,500 men took their own lives that year.

Among the leading theories for why suicide is so much more prevalent among men than women is that men are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Dr Jonathan Gerkin, a University of North Carolina psychiatrist who says he takes a therapist’s approach believes that our culture – particularly in the US, but worldwide – has not conditioned men to be reflective about, let alone accepting of their own emotions, and that can lead them to a profound sense of loneliness.

‘Loneliness is such an attention-grabbing feeling, and if men can’t reflect and respond to that, they can get caught up in trying to eliminate those feelings by minimizing, acting macho, or acting out in dangerous ways,’ including substance misuse, he says.

‘Acting out can be outward, or it can be self-directed, like taking one’s life,’ Dr Gerkin adds.

He says that this isolation happens to men who are not ‘lucky to encounter more acceptance, or be raised in a family that encourages it, or to be exposed to it in therapy.’
Source: DailyMail

Loneliness is due to ‘masculinity’, you say? Oh really? It’s not from being alone and isolated?

There was a time where men could regularly gather among other men, hang out, and have really honest conversations about what’s REALLY on their minds.

They were Clubs. Lodges. Poker games. Pub nights. Hunting. Whatever your ‘thing’ was, you could go do it.

Men would go ‘out with the boys’, connect with each other. Network. And yes — work out some of the curveballs that life throws their way.

But now, even Boy Scouts and TOILETS aren’t allowed to be “men’s only” anymore.

Any club that would be intentionally men’s only faces the likelihood of a discrimination suit. (But women’s only clubs are stil A-OK.)

Men are more isolated, sure. But that seems to be by design. Any exclusively male event must have that door broken down so others can participate.

The same people who care so deeply about “safe spaces” in college and “disappearing habitat” in Africa don’t seem to care much that men have fewer and fewer options where men can let loose and be themselves.

And like always, the ‘cure’ they offer is for men to be more feminine. To have a good cry. To open up.

Notice the advice is NOT to be around men who are absolutely CRUSHING IT in real life — around who can inspire and encourage the rest of us with great comeback stories over strong drink and a good cigar.

Men and women don’t go to the same well to find our strength. Have you noticed?

It’s just like how we don’t enjoy the same movies. We don’t care for ‘The Notebook’… but give us some high-octane explosions, gunfights, or good-crushing-evil, and we’re all in.

The solution the ‘experts’ propose seems to be ‘filling in’ the well that has historically worked so well for the men.

How’s that been working out so far?

Maybe the solution isn’t a ‘good cry’. Maybe it’s getting around other men and tapping into the strength built into Testosterone that makes us masculine in the first place.

That’s exactly the ‘itch’ Doug and Rich put together Warriors and Wildmen to help scratch.

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