Stable Genius: Did This Video Flip Kim Jong-Un’s Mind On His Nukes?

Written by Doug Giles on June 12, 2018

Trump understands putting America first… so it made sense for him to pitch peace to Kim in terms that would let Kim put Korea first, too.

Just ahead of the historic meeting with Kim, Trump had a short video prepared. It was made for Kim, to persuade him but it was made public for the rest of us too.

Some have compared it to a propaganda film. But, if you remember that Trump was a businessman before he was a politician, it might be more fair to call it a ‘marketing’ film.

And the pitch he made, to motivate someone like Kim, was to cast him as the hero in his own story. If he believes it’s in his own nation’s best interest (or at least his personal best interst) to be in this agreement, suddenly would be motivated NOT to cheat, lest he risk losing the benefits.


If you watch the video in those terms, noticing the optimism toward the future, the sattelite photo from space with South Korea lit up and North Korea dark — until it, too is lit up in the ‘possible future’ the credit Kim gets for the potential of his role as a hinge in his nation’s history… contrasted with the stark pictures of what the hermit kingdom’s bleak future would look like with the status quo — and don’t think the enviable prosperity of the South was added by any mere accident! — is it possible that this video helped ‘sell’ the first tentative steps in agreement they have come to so far?

It wouldn’t surprise us. What do you think? Was it a ‘gimmicky propaganda flick’ or was it a slick sales presentation?

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