New Rules Seek To Make Memes Illegal – Yes, You Read That Right

Written by Doug Giles on June 27, 2018

Do you love memes as much as we do? They could be a thing of the past. Here’s the 411…

Obviously memes are one of the biggest issues that Europe is currently facing, right?

To the Nanny State Leftists in the European Union, it certainly is.

The EU just made the first steps in creating a new law in Europe that could result in the banning of modified images due to copyright infringement. They’re creating a new EU Copyright Directive and just approved Article 13 which would ban reusing photos or video.  This would mean no memes.

Gifs and mash-up videos would also be against the law.

So, the highly entertaining ‘Great Meme War of 2017’ would violate the law, too.

Now do you understand why the Brits were so keen on Brexit?

Because they want to be free from these kinds of diktats from a collective of so-called progressive countries.

Article 13 would require websites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to create a system to monitor content and identify any copyright infringement. If social media companies didn’t enforce copyright infringement, they would face copyright penalties for their users violating the new law.

Another terrible aspect of Article 13 is that anyone can claim to own the content and the meme would have to be removed.

Buh-bye Distracted Boyfriend meme:

The law hasn’t fully passed yet, it still needs to be approved by the entire European Parliament, which is slated for the end of this year or early 2019.

Until then, we can still meme all we want — even if we over-meme.

And when the time comes, we will have to deal with a mass exodus from Europe.

The memes will be fleeing their oppressors…

…and life as we know it will be altered forever.

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