Owned: Israel’s Embassy Gets Hilarious Last Word After Iran’s Ominous Tweet

Written by K. Walker on June 6, 2018

For those in the Media(D) with short memories, this is the guy whose A$$ Obama was kissing for all those years.

While Obama’s team was lying to Congress about the help his Administration was actually giving to Iran — including certain sanctions workarounds — Iran’s neighbors were forging unlikely alliances.

Israel and Saudi Arabia, for instance — have decided that cooperation makes more sense than conflict.

Interesting how Iran was the only Arab country whose ‘Arab spring’ movement he did not seem ready to support, isn’t it?

Interesting, too, that Iran directly funds Hamas and Hezbollah.

Obama seems convinced that Israel is the perpetual problem in the tensions with its neighbors… and he actively sought to manipulate Israel’s election to oust Netanyahu.

It’s kind of a cowardly and Vladimir Putin-y thing for an American President to do in a legitimate and proper democratic nation, — not to mention ALLY — don’t you think?

Well, in case anyone forgot what a horrible idea playing nice with Iran’s regime really is… they took the time to remind us. In ENGLISH, no less.

The response from the Israeli embassy was fantastic in its subtlety, wasn’t it?

They would gladly see Israel as a smoking heap of ash. How exactly does one compromise with them, or their terrorist proxies like Hamas when that is their end-game?

Do we still believe Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust are objectively evil?

If so… is it time we take Iran more seriously?

That was not said as a threat… it was said as a promise he will gladly make good on if the opportunity arises.

Obama and Kerry REALLY sucked when it came to picking their BFFs, didn’t they?

And Kerry STILL hasn’t let up trying to kiss their ass. People have suggested we invoke the Logan Act if he doesn’t knock it off.

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