The Left’s Endless Examples Of Hypocritical Rage

Written by Lloyd Marcus on June 30, 2018

Peter Fonda called for pedophiles to rape Trump’s 12-year-old son. Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for mob violence against Conservatives and Republicans wherever they are seen in public. Kathy Griffin symbolically performed a bloody beheading of Trump. Snoop Dogg symbolically shot Trump in the head. Madonna expressed her desire to blow up the White House. Black Lives Matter told blacks to ambush and kill whites and police. The thread that ties these wacko big-voices together is they are members of the American left, enthusiastically encouraged by their homeys in fake news media. Yes, the American left is boldly calling for violence against all who disagree with their agendas.

Deranged Democrat Laurence Key vowed to kill Republican Brian Mast’s kids over our immigration policy.

Numerous police (fathers and husbands) have been assassinated or wounded by Black Lives Matter assassins. Outrageously, the American left portrays BLM as saints for social justice – while callously and relentlessly fueling the flames of hatred for our brave men and women in blue by promoting the lie that cops routinely murder blacks. Heather MacDonald’s research confirms that cops are the greatest defenders of black lives.

Meanwhile, fake news media portrays conservatives and Republicans as the bad guys whenever they defend traditional cultural norms, our borders, and Godly principles from attacks by the American left. The truth is leftists are the aggressors, not we. Please note this truth, folks. Leftists always falsely accuse us of what they are actually doing; spewing hate, behaving uncivilly and inciting violence.

Maxine Waters saying God is on their side is stomach-turningly repulsive. This vile woman does not give a rat’s derriere about her fellow blacks or children. Why isn’t Ms. Waters celebrating Trump dropping black and Hispanic unemployment to a historic low? All Ms. Waters and her fellow leftists really care about is flooding our country with unskilled needy illegals who will become addicted to government freebies and vote for Democrats when given the opportunity. Meanwhile, Ms. Water’s party seeks to deport and seal our borders from the God of the Bible. Ms. Waters and her ilk are evil and disgusting.

Upon hearing Peter Fonda’s sick desire for Barron to be ripped from his mom, Melania, to be fed to pedophiles, and the lack of condemnation from leftist media, I flashed back to Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin used a symbol similar to a target to mark locations Conservatives needed to campaign. The American left claimed the “targets” of Palin’s website and Rush Limbaugh touting traditional values caused a nut case to shoot congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. These same leftists who created a media firestorm over Palin’s so-called target symbols are boldly encouraging leftists to physically attack all opposition.

Maxine Waters’ foaming at the mouth rage against Trump and his supporters is in response to Trump winning – not cowering in fear to the American left like most Republicans. Trump’s 175 unreported achievements beneficial to America and restoring power back to We the People has caused the American left to literally lose their minds.

The American left’s bogus characterization of Trump inspired a leftist to tragically set himself on fire in protest of Trump winning the presidency.

Believing leftists’ absurd lie that we can destroy the planet, a man committed suicide by setting himself on fire to protest fossil fuels and climate change. Everywhere you turn, the American left is inspiring hate, violence and insane behaviors.

After every Trump victory for America, the American left becomes more insane, outraged and dangerous. These sick people cannot be reasoned with. They simply must be defeated.

Bottom line, it is critically important that We the People make sure the GOP maintains a majority in the House and Senate; restocked with conservatives and Republicans supportive of our president’s mission to make America great again.

My four siblings and I have been settling the affairs of our recently deceased 90-year-old dad. Not only was he an awesome father, Dad was a civil rights pioneer, achieving several firsts for blacks. My sister, three brothers and I are committed to continuing his legacy of greatness. We agreed that we must “represent” for our dad.

My wife Mary and I are packing our bags to “represent” for my dad in Montana by helping to place good people in positions of power. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12) Having sold its soul to the anti-Christian American left, the Democrat party has gone full blown wicked.

Montana Republicans Greg Gianforte and Matt Rosendale are trailing in the polls for House and Senate seats.

Despite the American left’s relentless 24/7 attacks, lies and negative press, Trump’s approval rating continues to rise. Still, We the People must support him by keeping Republicans in control of Congress.

C’mon America, let’s “represent” for our prez.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Image: Excerpted from: Sailko – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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