Trump Trolls CNN – It’s Brutal & Hilarious

Written by Doug Giles on June 7, 2018

This might make Jim Acosta cry on air.

Not like anyone would see him.

CNN has been the target of President Trump’s ire as the symbol of ‘fake news’.

As we’ve said before here on ClashDaily, everyone has a bias.

We’ve made ours pretty darned clear. 

CNN, however, has claimed that they are an unbiased, just-the-facts news outlet. If you watch 10-minutes of CNN you can tell that that’s not true. They shape the stories, they selectively report.

It’s been most apparent in the differences between coverage of the Trump Administration vs. the Obama Administration.

CNN has vilified President Trump, decided not to cover much of the success of the administration, and they glossed over or simply didn’t report President Obama’s scandals.

Don’t even get me started on Hillary.

CNN’s Brian Stelter went on and on about the alleged ‘disappearance’ of Melania Trump but has said nothing about Hillary’s very evident back brace, her frequent falls, or her seemingly constant illnesses and injuries. Discussing anything like that when Hillary was running for President was denounced as ‘conspiracy theory’. Suggesting that the First Lady might have been abused by the President? Well, that’s standard reporting.

No wonder CNN is bleeding viewers.

President Trump has noticed and pointed it out in a pithy and rather harsh tweet:


That’s gonna leave a mark.

Here is the tweet that President Trump retweeted:

The last paragraph of the Forbes article is absolutely brutal. (Emphasis added)

In May, prime-time viewership for the cable news networks was down overall except for Fox News, which grew 6% from the same period last year. CNN had the biggest declines, down a full 25%. Among viewers 25-54, Fox News was up slightly (+2%) while MSNBC fell significantly (-21%) and CNN dropped by more than a third (-34%).

Source: Forbes

It looks as though folks are catching on to CNN’s bias and ditching them for other networks that are up-front about theirs.

CNN — all the news that’s fit to flush.

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