Tax Waste: See If You Can Spot The Serious Flaw In This Taxpayer-Funded Study

Written by Doug Giles on June 7, 2018

And they wonder why we worry about government waste?

The government likes to study weird things. That’s a given. We’re used to that.

They waste a crap-ton (technical term) of cash in the process.

That’s another ‘given’. But there are some things that should not require any study whatsoever… at least, you’d THINK they wouldn’t require any study.

It’s a study about contraception, and whether women are comfortable using them enough to make them reliable. An unused method is not meaningfully different from no method at all, right?

Ok. So far, so good.

But since the study has rung up to about $350K (so far!) in funding, we have some questions.

Read the ‘fine print’ here, and see if you can guess what they are.

The study, which began last fall, has received $347,176 from taxpayers so far. Research will continue through March 2021.

The leading researcher on the project is Jenny Higgins, an associate professor in the Gender and Women’s Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Higgins specializes in “mixed-methods research on sexuality, gender, and reproductive health—especially people’s use of condoms and other contraceptive methods.”

Higgins is also currently involved with research into sexual minority women, or “people who identify as lesbian, bisexual and queer (among many other things).” She claims 20 percent of the female population in the United States are lesbians or bisexual.

“The overwhelming majority of SMW [sexual minority women] will engage penile-vaginal intercourse at least occasionally,” according to the researcher’s website. “New research suggests that SMW women have an increased risk of unintended pregnancy compared to their heterosexual peers.”

The study is examining “unique barriers” lesbians and bisexuals have to “adequate contraceptive care.”

There are lesbians in this study about contraception.


Heterosexual women? Ok, sure.

Bisexual women? Yeah, we get it…

But Lesbians?

Do scientists even TAKE biology anymore? Or are people calling themselves lesbians when they still have a guy on the side?

Doesn’t that make them NOT-lesbians?

Or does this go back to that ‘some women have a penis’ argument?

If someone takes that ride, she’s gonna want to rethink her claim of being a lesbian.

And you thought the dating world was complicated when YOU were growing up!

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