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Urban Explorer Killed Taking Pics Inside A Storm Drain – Here’s The Horrible 411

What a tragedy losing this talented young lady. She was called a ‘queen’ in the world of urban exploration.

Rebecca Bunting, 30, was a bartender, an adventurer, and a photographer looking for beauty in mundane places.

She often found it.

As she was exploring a Philadelphia storm drain with her boyfriend on Saturday, a flash flood swept the pair into nearby Pennypack Creek where Bunting drowned.

She had been taking photos with her boyfriend, who called 911 for help when she disappeared.

Her body was recovered the next day near the Frankford Avenue Bridge in Holmesburg at approximately 10.45am Sunday.

Diving teams were sent to recover her body.

Bunting’s body had been trapped under furniture left in the creek and she is believed to have died on Saturday when she was knocked out.

Her boyfriend had been witness to the death but had been able to pull himself out of harm’s way.

Bunting’s boyfriend was taken to a hospital to recover.

Friends are still trying to process Bunting’s death.

‘She was always trying to get really cool photos. She’s really talented. She could bring out beauty in any landscape,’ friend Cristen DeDomenico said to 6 ABC.

Weiss said those photos now provide solace to many of Bunting’s friends.

‘We’re always going to have Becca’s photos and the photos we took of her,’ she said. ‘Becca is going to live forever because of this.’

Source: Daily Mail

Here are a few of her Instagram photos.


She was well-known around the world in the online ‘urbex’ community.

Bunting had 10,000 followers on Instagram.

In South Philly, Rebecca Bunting was a popular, tatted-up, 30-year-old bartender.

But around the world, she was known as @_bword, for the persona she used to interact online with the global urban exploration community made up of photographers and thrill-seekers who trespass in abandoned spaces: Some enter these “bandos” for the sake of great photography, others do it for pure, unadulterated adrenaline.

And Bunting was one of the greats.

“She was the bando queen,” Carly Weiss, a friend and fellow urban explorer, said. “There’s no doubt about it.”

Source: The Philly Inquirer

This beautiful shot has a rather difficult to read caption, considering the circumstances.

It’s so sad that such an amazing person was lost in a flash flood like that.

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