Warriors & Wildmen Bros Launch Metal ‘Man Card’ Product And Encourage Men To #ScarTheCard

Written by Doug Giles on June 29, 2018

When a feminist plays the ‘woman card’, show her this…

In the wussified world of 2018 these bros are encouraging men to do epic stuff, and it’s awesome.

Be forewarned — in order to carry this card, you’ve got to live up to it.

You’ve got to be a Warrior and a Wildman.

Do you have the metal to carry the Warriors & Wildmen MAN CARD?

That’s right, it’s a steel card.  The back of the card reminds you to “DO EPIC STUFF” (or “DO EPIC SH*T”, your choice).

Here’s the 411:

Every time you do something EPIC for God, family, or others, overcome a fear, or achieve a conquest in your life, you are challenged to “scar the card.” Hit it with a hammer or a bang it with a rock! Make sure to leave a scar to remind you of your conquests.

Take a pic with the card scarred up and share your story with us!  Join the movement. #scarthecard

This card isn’t for the wussified masses pondering which bathroom to use.

This is for men that aspire to be real men — men that embrace masculinity and live life unapologetically.

We’re talking about men that revel in that testosterone fog that God gave them. These are the God-fearing hunters, heroes, warriors, and protectors of their home. These are men that overcome their fear, reach for the top, and take action when it’s needed.

Just like Rich said, this card will make you want to do epic stuff.

And you do it, man.

Smash that card up and share your epic tale. #scarthecard

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