WATCH: 2 Bros Hammer Godless Liberals’ Use Of Scripture When Talking About Immigration

Written by Doug Giles on June 21, 2018

TV talking heads are breaking out their ‘Thees’ and ‘Thous’ over the Immigration issue… here’s a reply from people who’ve actually READ the Book!

You didn’t think they’d let this issue go by without comment, did you? Now that the Media(D), Schumer, and come skittish RINOs are using emotion to bully Conservative Christians into adopting their point of view?

Rich and Doug go full metal jacket on the liberal jackanapes who try to bible thump America into submission to their lawless immigration policies. You’ll enjoy this one.

And in case you’re wondering about which bogus kid in a cage pic has been making the rounds? Here it is. Even Snopes debunked it… and they usuall save their energy for discrediting people on the right.

It was a protest, not a prison.

For fun, we’ll throw in a “Throwback Thursday” pic to go with it:

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