Watch: Bibi’s Latest Video To Iran Shows Who The Good Guys And Bad Guys Really Are

Written by Doug Giles on June 11, 2018

“Iran Says ‘Death To Israel’. In response, Israel shouts ‘Life to the Iranian People!'”

Remember when Obama tried to interfere in Israel’s election and get Bibi ousted? Aren’t you glad it didn’t work?

To hear the Left tell it, one might believe that Israel is populated with baby-eating monsters bent on the destruction of their neighbors.

They’re NOT, of course, but you’d never believe that based on the way the Left likes to talk about them beating up on that poor, poor, Iran-backed terror-group Hamas.

Iran, the regime, likes to chant ‘Death To Israel’.

Netanyahu had a message for the people of Iran that may surprise them all.

It will really mess with their assumptions of just who really cares about the Iranian people and who does not.

Maybe you know about their water shortage. Maybe you’re just learning about it now. But the reaction to this water shortage is showing how much value each nation’s leaders are putting on the lives of the struggling Iranian farmers.

Today I'm going to make an unprecedented offer to Iran. It relates to water.

Today I'm going to make an unprecedented offer to Iran. It relates to water.

Posted by ‎Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו‎ on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Did you catch that?

Fifty million people could be displaced from the drought?

And their ‘enemy’ is offering them instructions on how to reclaim water and improve irrigation!

Could it be that the real enemy of Iran’s ordinary people is to be found in Tehran, and not Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv?

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