One Of Trudeau’s Eyebrows Falls OFF During Presser – Twitter Explodes & It’s Funny AF

Written by Wes Walker on June 11, 2018

Is this the guy who’s trying to take a ‘tough stand’ against Trump for Canada?

He’s not off to a great start.

How ‘manly’ can he be if he’s caught wearing fake eyebrows?

Even Canadians (like yours truly) are mocking Trudeau over it.

Look at the eyebrow over his left eye. Does something seem a little ‘off’ to you?

Eyebrows ‘on point’ is apparently a thing.  But the Prime Minister is doing it wrong.

The internet piled on.

The funniest one first:

It’s a quick little bastard!

There were a few like this one:

This one is an inside joke about the separatist movement in Canadian politics. But that alone tells you enough to laugh at his expense.

He’s all about the “progressive” and “intersectional” politics… this seems about right.

Be sure to match it with your special socks, Justin!

Did we mention he was giving a G7 Speech at the time? And that he was standing at the podium with Macron?

Eyebrow toupee? If you’d asked me a week ago, we’d have guessed such a thing never existed. We would have guessed wrong, apparently.

It’s hard to take a tough stand against Trump when you’re seen by the world as a laughingstock.

It’s stuff like this — and his flouncing around appropriating everyone’s culture overseas — that makes so many of us eager to vote him out of office come the next election. Well, that and his policies.

It can’t come soon enough.

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